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Battlefield 5 – EA bestätigt neuen Serienteil für 2018

In der vergangenen Nacht hat EA die aktuellen Quartalszahlen vorgestellt, von – sehr guten – Verkaufszahlen für Battlefield 1 gesprochen und ganz nebenbei und fast unbeachtet im anschließenden Investorencall auch noch den Release eines neuen Battlefield-Teils für 2018 angekündigt. Genauer gesagt: Auf die Frage, was Serienfans 2018 erwarten sollen, wurde von EA-Boss Andrew Wilson neben neuem Content und fortgesetztem Support für den aktuellen Serienteil auch der Release eines neuen Battlefield bestätigt.

Battlefield 1 – Easter patch will be released tomorrow

What’s better than getting a new update for Battlefield 1 just before Easter? And a few things come to mind; bad news is the announcement but definitely not. As usual, the patch comes with a one-hour downtime – on the PC it starts at 9:00; the Playstation 4 will follow at 10:00 and the Xbox One gets the update from 11:00.

Details about the download or the content are currently missing and should be submitted later in the course of the Tuesday. However, it can be assumed that there will be new weapon variants and various fixes.


Some time ago the Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment went offline and the tenor in the community was clear: that was the support for the current series part. Of course, the headline has revealed that this is not the case – the Community Test Environment is back , bringing with it several changes and fixes, as well as eight new weapon deviants. And we summarize what you should know …

  • Volga River : There are changes in operations on Volga River.
  • Eight new weapon variants : With Sjögren Inertial Slug, Ribeyrolles 1918 Optical, Submachine Gun M1912 / P.16 Experimental, M1917 Patrol Carbine, Type 38 Arisaka Patrol, Carcano Patrol Carbine, Ross MkIII Infantry and M1917 Enfield Silenced, there are eight new weapon variants.
  • Fixes : There are several small adjustments and fixes.

A timing for the patch does not exist yet. If you feel like it, you can test the new weapon variants and fixes in the PC Community Test Environment.


If the official information about Battlefield 5 is missing, we will have to make do with rumors. And so, as a synopsis of everything, according to the player who predicted Battlefield 1 correctly, more or less completely corresponds to the truth. What else do you want – apart from official information and holidays – more?


  • Seven factions : With the United Kingdom, the United States, French resistance fighters, Germany, Italy, Russia and Japan, there will be seven factions to start.
  • Ten maps : There should be 10 maps to start.
  • Four classes : The well-known class setup – healing Medic, support with LMG and ammunition, engineer with rocket launcher and sniper – should come back.
  • Premium : DICE is supposed to put on premium again. There are supposed to be microtransactions that only bring optical things.
  • Customizable weapons : There will be customizable weapons again. The variants should once again belong to the past.
  • All Kits : weapons available for all classes should come back.
  • Customization : Customizable characters should come into play. There should be variants for the factions.
  • Modes : Both operations and incursions will be available for launch.


No one knows exactly what the October confirmed Battlefield 5 will be for a game; However, EA did get some information from an investor telephone conference. The publisher promises “innovation on every level, incredible stories and stunning graphics,” and has also talked about DLC, microtransactions and – of course – PlayerUnkown’s Battleground. And we summarize what you need to know …

  • A bouquet of superlatives : Official details on the setting, the gameplay and Co. are not yet known; nonetheless, DICE has great promises. There will be “innovation at every level, incredible stories, stunning looks and every fan-pleasing gameplay”. Apart from the small – and not surprising – reference to a single player similar statements have been made many times. (And mostly kept, even if there were enough problems …)
  • Battlefield is to blame! You may already have noticed that Anthem – you remember: huge open levels, superhero suits, gorgeous looks, and stuff – moved from fall 2018 to early 2019. EA has now confirmed that they deliberately chose Battlefield 5 for the move.
  • DLC and Microtransactions : There is no perfect way to post-release content – the problem with DLC is that the community is split; The problem with microtransactions is that the tempo for unlocks quickly gets under constant fire. A definitive statement from EA about DLC or micro-transactions for Battlefield 5 is therefore not; EA boss Andrew Wilson, however, has called the importance of more content after launch and the problem of separation. It does not make you quite so smart; the statements, however, seem to go a little bit away from premium.
  • And comparisons with PlayerUnknown’s Battleground : An investor has also briefly raised PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. For DICE and EA, this is not an issue in the field of Battlefield 5: While you look at the tophit of course regarding gunplay, maps and some ideas, you will not just build a copy.


Suitable for today’s investor conference, EA official figures and information published . And while some of it is quite unspeakable or meaningless, there are at least real and hard numbers for Battlefield 1: More than 25 million players have made one or the other round in the current Battlefield since the release. Thus, the current series part sets the record of Battlefield 3 from yesteryear.

Of course, that says nothing about the current numbers of players or the still partially existing problems (admin functions on private servers …). Since October, however, over 1.5 million new players have joined and the number is nonetheless more than just impressive. And of course you can not write anything more – if EA has something interesting to tell you about the new Battlefield, we’ll tell you in newsletters, of course …