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Battlefield 4 – That’s why night variants of Siege of Shanghai and Goldmud Railway did not appear

Some time ago, a night variant of Siege of Shanghai and Goldmud Railway appeared in Battlefield 4’s Community Test Environment; There were several always better looking and better and better playing versions and then it was very quiet. Now, a developer of DICE LA has commented shortly after the release of Battlefield 1 on the subject and betrayed why the two night variants have not appeared and why you should probably make no hope in the future. (If you have not completely lost in Battlefield 1 anyway .)

More precisely , there were three reasons . Mainly responsible were performance issues on Xbox360 and Playstation 3 and the small fact that it was contractually obliged to bring the night variants on the old consoles. Even if the perfromance problems had been fixed, the maps would have needed a lot of work and the visuals would have been different in the Community Test Environment. Last but not least, the lighting artist was tired of traffic in Los Angeles and quit.


As part of the Road to Battlefield 1 , EA and DICE have been giving away DLCs for Battlefield 4 for a limited amount of time over the past few weeks. The motto was “If you’ve got it once, then you keep the DLC too” – so who packed now and then a DLC for zero euros in his virtual shopping cart, which was allowed since then happy to shoot through the DLC maps. Now EA goes a bit further: On the consoles all DLCs are already free ; The PC may traditionally follow a few hours later. An end of the free phase is not yet known; but traditionally it should go for a week.

To put it plainly, anyone who has always wanted to play China Rising, Second Assault, Naval Strike, Dragon’s Teeth and Final Stand, but accidentally does not own a Premium or missed the time the DLC was given away, may now strike. Simply drop the DLCs into the shopping cart at the platform of your choice, pay unimaginable zero dollars and then play the DLCs to the end of their days or until the launch of Battlefield 1.

By the way: We hope that no one will make the claim how unfair the premium owners are – in the end, as a premium owner, the DLCs have been gambling for years. No one would think to wonder that a game eight years ago today no longer costs the full price. (So hopefully, we believe in you!)


A few weeks ago, we already reported that there is currently a new user interface for Battlefield 4 in the closed beta on the PC , which will replace Battlelog until the launch of Battlefield 1 at the latest. Now Battlefield Insiders – who are known to have three days before everyone else in the Battlefield 1 beta … – informed by email that the new user interface should also come on the new consoles and that it is already this summer so far.

As planned features only functions are mentioned, which will also find their way on the PC: You can put together a squad before joining the match and keep together the three most recent titles – so who first rummages in Battlefield 4, then switches to Hardline and on At the end of a turn in Battlefield 1, this can be done with the same squad. The fact that this is accompanied by the small fact that you can switch directly in the new main menu between the three titles, as probably hardly surprising. The Reccommendation Engine, which proposes maps, modes and servers according to the game style, skill and Co., is also planned for the PC.

After launching Battlefield 4 in the summer, Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 1 will receive the update later in the year – and no later than the launch of Battlefield 1. Incidentally, only Xbox One and Playstation 4 (and logically the PC …) are affected by the changes; the old consoles remain untouched by their old main menus.


In Battlefield 4, the world is actually alright after a load of patches and improvements . Where the word “actually” bounces around but lurking then usually one or the other quirk. In the case of the latest military battlefield PunkBuster has now caused problems: Various players were banned unfounded . According to their own statement, DICE, EA and PunkBuster manufacturer Evenbalance are working on a solution and thus lifting the bans.

So if you’re getting kicked out of all servers and there’s something of a PunkBuster ban in the reasoning – and no, a mad admin kicking you or banning you is just as bad as a legit ban on hacks and cheats definitely not … – then First of all, you should react as calmly as possible (which probably should be damn hard to impossible, but we still recommend it …) and then simply contact EA Support and Evenbalance. We will keep you up to date if more should be done in the direction …


The Alpha of Battlefield 1 keeps going, but we still risk a glimpse of what’s going on in Battlefield 4. As you know, there is a first public test of the new user interface with selected players, which will also be released for Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 1 and will replace Battlelog. And we have the summary of everything there is to see, admire and admire …

  • Welcome : From now on you will be greeted – at the start – to match the day or time.
  • Highlights : Featured highlights include recommended servers (including favorites and recently visited servers) and the latest news.
  • Server Browser : Of course, there is still a server browser. The offers various filters such as maps, game modes, free seats, Tickrate, Preset and Co. – the comparison to Battlelog one must not be afraid; the options are virtually identical.
  • Quickmatch : There is – as before – a matchmaking opportunity. As usual, you can use different playlists and criteria to be automatically packed into the most suitable games.
  • Friends : The friends list looks pretty much the same as in Battlelog and can still be found on the right. As usual, friends can be invited; You can now create a group with which one – also across games … – plays together.
  • Chat : You can chat with friends. For this purpose, apparently Origin is used.
  • Options : There are – of course … – options that can be activated outside of a server.
  • Switching : You can simply switch the games to the left in the overview.


Vor geraumer Zeit wurde offiziell bestätigt, dass das Community Test Environment von Battlefield 4 keine weiteren Updates mehr bekommen wird. Allerdings bedeutet das – anders als von nicht wenigen Fans befürchtet… – nicht, dass Battlefield 4 absolut keine neuen Patches mehr bekommen wird: Laut einem Entwickler von DICE L.A. stehen die Chancen sogar mehr als nur etwas gut, dass es mindestens ein weiteres Update geben wird. Exakte Details zu den Inhalten gibt es allerdings nicht, obwohl der Fix für die DICE-Tarnung auf jeden Fall dabei sein wird.

Wir erinnern uns: Wer das große Easter-Egg auf Dragon Valley löst, darf die „DICE L.A.“-Tarnung tragen. Die ist schön gut zu sehen, hat dafür aber eine Besonderheit: Wer die Tarnung trägt, ist für Gegner mit IRNV- oder FLIR-Zielfernrohren quasi unsichtbar. Das wiederum hat unter IRNV-Nutzern für Kritik genutzt, während Feinde der IRNV-Zielfernrohre hoffen, dass die Tarnung genau so bleibt, wie sie ist. Große Hoffnungen soll man sich angesichts der Ankündigung aber nicht machen – wenn ein Patch kommt, dann werden IRNV-Feinde trauern müssen.

Und wo wir das Thema von zerstörten Hoffnungen und Trauer schon ansprechen, haben wir leider noch eine wirklich traurige Neuigkeit: Die beiden noch nicht finalisierten Nacht-Varianten von Siege of Shanghai und Goldmud Railway werden es laut dem Entwicklerwohl kaum ins finale Spiel schaffen. Die beiden – mehr als nur etwas cool aussehenden – Schlachtfelder werden dementsprechend ohne ein Wunder – oder viel Glück… – also aller Voraussicht nach auch in Zukunft nur auf dem Community Test Environment spielbar sein. Wir trauern einfach eine Runde und drücken die Daumen, dass DICE L.A. und EA sich noch einmal anders entscheiden und die ausstehenden Arbeiten erledigen.