A few weeks ago, we already reported that there is currently a new user interface for Battlefield 4 in the closed beta on the PC , which will replace Battlelog until the launch of Battlefield 1 at the latest. Now Battlefield Insiders – who are known to have three days before everyone else in the Battlefield 1 beta … – informed by email that the new user interface should also come on the new consoles and that it is already this summer so far.

As planned features only functions are mentioned, which will also find their way on the PC: You can put together a squad before joining the match and keep together the three most recent titles – so who first rummages in Battlefield 4, then switches to Hardline and on At the end of a turn in Battlefield 1, this can be done with the same squad. The fact that this is accompanied by the small fact that you can switch directly in the new main menu between the three titles, as probably hardly surprising. The Reccommendation Engine, which proposes maps, modes and servers according to the game style, skill and Co., is also planned for the PC.

After launching Battlefield 4 in the summer, Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 1 will receive the update later in the year – and no later than the launch of Battlefield 1. Incidentally, only Xbox One and Playstation 4 (and logically the PC …) are affected by the changes; the old consoles remain untouched by their old main menus.