If the official information about Battlefield 5 is missing, we will have to make do with rumors. And so, as a synopsis of everything, according to the player who predicted Battlefield 1 correctly, more or less completely corresponds to the truth. What else do you want – apart from official information and holidays – more?


  • Seven factions : With the United Kingdom, the United States, French resistance fighters, Germany, Italy, Russia and Japan, there will be seven factions to start.
  • Ten maps : There should be 10 maps to start.
  • Four classes : The well-known class setup – healing Medic, support with LMG and ammunition, engineer with rocket launcher and sniper – should come back.
  • Premium : DICE is supposed to put on premium again. There are supposed to be microtransactions that only bring optical things.
  • Customizable weapons : There will be customizable weapons again. The variants should once again belong to the past.
  • All Kits : weapons available for all classes should come back.
  • Customization : Customizable characters should come into play. There should be variants for the factions.
  • Modes : Both operations and incursions will be available for launch.