No one knows exactly what the October confirmed Battlefield 5 will be for a game; However, EA did get some information from an investor telephone conference. The publisher promises “innovation on every level, incredible stories and stunning graphics,” and has also talked about DLC, microtransactions and – of course – PlayerUnkown’s Battleground. And we summarize what you need to know …

  • A bouquet of superlatives : Official details on the setting, the gameplay and Co. are not yet known; nonetheless, DICE has great promises. There will be “innovation at every level, incredible stories, stunning looks and every fan-pleasing gameplay”. Apart from the small – and not surprising – reference to a single player similar statements have been made many times. (And mostly kept, even if there were enough problems …)
  • Battlefield is to blame! You may already have noticed that Anthem – you remember: huge open levels, superhero suits, gorgeous looks, and stuff – moved from fall 2018 to early 2019. EA has now confirmed that they deliberately chose Battlefield 5 for the move.
  • DLC and Microtransactions : There is no perfect way to post-release content – the problem with DLC is that the community is split; The problem with microtransactions is that the tempo for unlocks quickly gets under constant fire. A definitive statement from EA about DLC or micro-transactions for Battlefield 5 is therefore not; EA boss Andrew Wilson, however, has called the importance of more content after launch and the problem of separation. It does not make you quite so smart; the statements, however, seem to go a little bit away from premium.
  • And comparisons with PlayerUnknown’s Battleground : An investor has also briefly raised PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. For DICE and EA, this is not an issue in the field of Battlefield 5: While you look at the tophit of course regarding gunplay, maps and some ideas, you will not just build a copy.