Do you remember the Leaker who had correctly predicted Battlefield 1 and then revealed Battlefield Bad Company 3 as the next Battlefield and a Battlefield in World War II (which we still call Battlefield 5 …) for 2018? Exactly this Youtuber has now done an interview with another Youtuber, in which he has betrayed more information on factions, weapons, the development status, the single player and Co. (And made sure that we have to interrupt our holiday for a short time, but okay …)

  • Developmental state : The new Battlefield was ready in December for the first time for real Playtests.
  • Title : So far no official title is known. It could be Battlefield 1944 or another game.
  • Premium : While there will be no microtransactions (aside from visuals like in Battlefield 1), DICE will again offer premium. Unlike Battlefront 2, DICE uses DLCs again.
  • Four factions : Germany, the Soviet Union, the Japanese and the US will be the first four fractions.
  • Faction-specific weapons : Some weapons are faction-specific until unlocked for all factions.
  • Four classes : With Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon return four familiar classes. The available weapons, however, may differ from the last titles. However, there will be no class called Medic – as in Battlefield 1.
  • Once the whole war : While the singleplayer focuses on a rather brief section of World War II, there will be content and battlefields throughout the war in multiplayer.
  • Prototypes : DICE will again use prototypes that actually exist; but they were never used extensively.
  • The Gunplay : The gunplay will be based on Battlefield 1. Bullet Deviation and Co. will partly come back and also the strongly separated weapons will give it back.
  • The Maps : Operations on D-Day, Berlin, the Eastern Front and Co. are settings that you can expect for the maps. The battlefields will often be big and open again, although there are smaller maps. All in all, ten maps are used for the launch.
  • Customization : Due to its authenticity, customization will not be completely absurd. Weapons and characters, however, will be adaptable in a realistic context, which is aimed primarily at weapons skins and Soldier skins.
  • No bayonet attack : There are no more bayonet charges, although bayonets can still be used for melee attacks.
  • Melee System : The Melee system will be very similar to Battlefield 1.
  • Vehicles : There are transport boats, tanks, transport vehicles, airplanes (which are much faster and more modern than in Battlefield 1) and virtually everything you can expect. However, horses are missing.
  • Selfish Tank : The tanks will again be in the style of the older games, where the driver controls and can use primary and secondary weapons. The self-repair for the driver, however, is missing after it was first available in Battlefield 1.
  • Customizable Vehicles : Vehicles will be much more customizable than Battlefield 1. Instead of presets, you can choose different upgrades, such as in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4.
  • War Stories are coming back : The War Stories from Battlefield 1 – where you took over individual characters for the duration of a mission in a completed story – will come back. However, the individual stories will no longer be separated, but linked together.
  • The good guys play : The majority of the war stories – or all – will play from the point of view of the Allies.
  • No Swastikas and Gore : More Gore than in the last titles or Swastikas are not planned.

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