Some time ago, DICE released a first changelog version of Battlefield 1’s November patch , which included fixes and various detail enhancements. Now, the overview of the upcoming changes has been extended and adjusted, so we also have a lot of news on further adjustments and innovations for you. Anyone who wants to work more than a medal should be just as happy as players who do not want to press a button after an unfortunate spawn or want to play the Suez in frontlines. The newly added changes can be found right here …

  • Suez Frontlines : The Frontlines variant of Suez will be released in November. DICE revised the capture points and moved B and D.
  • Back to the spawnscreen : If the spawning player dies between spawning and landing on the ground, you will be returned directly to the spawnscreen.
  • All medals : You can now progress to the top of all five medals available, instead of just advancing on a single selected medal.
  • New Scout Opportunities : The Scout can now place two Tripwire Mines of each variant – available are Gas, Incendiary and High Explosive.
  • Stable Type : When taken, there are fewer camera shakes. For this purpose, the visibility is less restricted.
  • Less smoke and muzzle fire: muzzle fire and smoke on semi-automatic weapons, chauchat and ribeyrolles have been reduced.
  • Automatic gas mask : When spawning in gas, the gas mask is now set automatically.
  • Automatic parachute : The parachute is automatically activated when there is a spawn in the air.
  • Right weapon : The Mosin-Nagant M91 is now the new standard weapon of the Red and White Army in Custom Games.
  • No Flamethrower : In Team Deathmatch there are no flamethrowers on Argonne Forest anymore.