Currently, the alpha weekend of Battlefield 1 Incursions is slightly under the radar – between the finished beta of Star Wars Battlefront 2, the October patch for Battlefield 1, information on the “Turning Tides” -DLC with a new faction, naval battles and Enterhaken is the test variant of the first truly designed as an eSports content Battlefield variant of the series history something gone down. Incidentally, there is no lack of changes this week: The new alpha version brings a complete revision of the map including adapted lighting and Co. with.

Apart from that, there’s good news for netcode fans: Youtuber Battlenonsense, known for his extensive research, has tested Incursions-Alpha’s netcode and compared it to current titles. The result reads very well: at 120 Hertz, Incursions is in the spotlight for both Counterstrike: Global Offensive and Overwatch in terms of damage reporting and movement delays. Only the muzzle flash, the eSports version of Battlefield 1 equal to both titles must be minimal beaten.

From a technical point of view, Incursions seems to be on a more than good path. This is certainly not a universally valid indicator for success or failure; But you do not have to worry about a netcode debacle, given the information. (Actually, given the experiences of the last few years, you do not have to worry anymore, but old worries are difficult to die …) Now DICE just has to cope and most of all bring more players to Alpha …