In addition to In The Name Of The Tsar , DICE today released an update for Battlefield 1. The changes range from new ranks to bug fixes to the new class specializations, which in fact are three selectable perks. Also included are a new maximum rank, more maps in the rotation and more features. And we summarize what has happened and what you need to know …

  • Support for In The Name Of The Tsar : Logically, weapons and Co. from In The Name Of The Tsar are included in the patch. In the end you have to actually see and use a weapon that can be picked up …
  • Service Assignments : The new Service Assignments bring in perks that can be unlocked via Assigments, whereby you can always use three at a time. In addition to cross-class perks, there are also class-exclusive abilities – who wonders why fallen enemies are suddenly covered by smoke and can be revived so better, should take a look at all the perks …
  • HRD10 support : Using a dedicated screen and a PC or console that uses HRD support, you can enjoy more vivid colors and more realistic contrasts.
  • More ranks : The new maximum rank is now 120.
  • More maps : The map rotation can now contain 24 maps.
  • Bomber : Bombers no longer take multiple damage from a single ball.
  • Stationary weapons : Stationary weapons must either be repaired or repair themselves after two minutes.
  • Take-off : If you descend from the horse in the jump, you will not see a horse frozen in the jump.
  • Diversity is important : you can not spawn with duplicated gadgets anymore.
  • Fort Vaux : Fixed a collision issue on Fort Vaux that allowed players to climb while lying down.
  • Best Squad : The “Best Squad” screen will appear after the end of the operation and character models will not look blurry anymore.
  • Load time : The “Customize Soldier” menu now loads faster.
  • Killcard : In Spectator mode you can now always see the correct Killcard.
  • User Interface : DICE has improved a lot of details in the user interface. The Killcard now shows the correct rank icon, all weapons are customizable from the frontend, the shortcuts in the homescreen lead to dynamic battlepack and assignment widgets, the name search cuts off empty servers, servers with custom setups are now in the Serverbrwoser displayed as Custom, you can always after the end of the round in the options menu and all rank insignia have the correct color after the end of the round. (#TiefLuftHolt)
  • Netcode : The latency icon now looks better and server-side latency stability has been improved.
  • Dog Tag Fix: The corresponding dog tag is now always unlocked if you have subscribed to Origin Access.

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Battlefield 1 – DICE überarbeitet Waffenbalance & Bringt alte Conquest-Variante zurück