As announced yesterday, the specializations (or perks) will be tested in the Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment starting today. The Perks will appear in the September patch at the same time as In The Name Of The Tsar. And we have the overview of all perks, the functionality and other details – three Perks can be used at the same time, there are not only classes available for all classes but also class-specific specializations and who wants to get to the perks must top motivated crack assignments.

  • Three simultaneous specializations : players can use three specializations at the same time.
  • Service Assignments : The September patch will unlock three specializations from the beginning. All other perks must then be unlocked via service assignments.
  • More strategy and depth : The perks should not necessarily bring massive benefits, but provide players with new opportunities to interpret the role of the class. The ultimate goal is new strategic decisions and more depth in class setup.
  • Generic and class-specific : There are a total of seven class-independent specializations. There are also two class-specific specializations.
  • #MOAR : DICE will release more specializations in the future.
  • Generic – Flak: Explosive weapon damage is reduced by 15%.
  • Generic – Flak : Suppression by enemy fire is reduced by 25%.
  • Generic – Quick Rain : The time to regeneration is reduced by 20%.
  • Generic – Quick Unspot : The enemy spotting marker disappears 2 seconds faster.
  • Generic – Bayonet Training : The Bayonettchargeattacke takes longer and recharges faster.
  • Generic – Hasty Retreat : Enemy shelling sprints 10% faster.
  • Generic – Camouflage : Anyone who moves slowly or not is not marked by spot flares.
  • Assault – Juggernaut : The attached gas mask reduces the explosive weapon damage by 15%. This value can be combined with Flak.
  • Assault – Controlled Demolition : TNT is now detonated sequentially.
  • Medic – Stimulant Syringe : Resurrecting a competitor is 20% faster in the sprint for 8 seconds. This value can not be combined with other bonuses.
  • Medic – Concealed Rescue : Fallen Squad members drop a smoke grenade within 20 yards. The ability has a 40-second cooldown timer.
  • Support – Unbreakable : Suppression with Bi-Pod set up is reduced by 75%.
  • Support – Pin Down : If an enemy is suppressed and ridiculed, then he remains spotted by the suppression longer.
  • Sniper – Scapegoat : Anyone brought to below 35HP by a distant enemy will automatically drop a decoy. The ability has a 30-second cooldown timer.
  • Sniper – Perimeter Alert : When a tripmine is triggered, all enemies within 15 yards on the minimap are revealed.

As always, the devs want feedback and opinions from the players. The detail values ​​may change as well as the functions of individual perks based on the feedback. And so we wish you a lot of fun and are curious what you think of the changes and innovations …

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