Yesterday it was announced that the new Battlefield will be released next year . Apart from that – and in the hype something unnoticed … – DICE LA has released an update for the Community Test Environment, which brings the third map from the Russia DLC In The Name Of The Tsar. Although Albion offers – as well as the two battlefields that have been tested publicly – another snow setting; otherwise, the map is completely different: There is a solid landing operation, many landing craft, shore batteries and even the new Russian bomber may roam the snow-covered islands. And as always we have gameplay and more information …

  • A landing operation : Albion offers the first landing operation in Battlefield 1. While the Russians have the spawn on the mainland, spawning on the German side on a destroyer in front of the archipelago. Also important to know: Albion is really big. In addition there are the usual weather changes – fog, sun and more are possible.
  • Island hopping : There are several islands. Playfully relevant in the Conquest, however, are only the two largest and a tiny island, all of which are quite close to the mainland – there are the flags. Without a boat, it is very difficult to get from island to island, which is why there is a whole heap of small landing boats.
  • No horses : Horses or armored land vehicles are in vain – there are no vehicles away from planes and boats.
  • Hilly and rocky : The islands on Albion are hilly and full of rocks – a comparison with Naval Strike Battlefield 4 fits very well. But you do not want too many buildings for cover. Snipers can easily handle careless and non-contoured opponents.
  • Two Behemoths : For the first time in Battlefield 1, there is a different behemoth on the map per faction. On the German side there is the battleship; Russia gets the airship.
  • New Landing Craft : The new Landing Craft can accommodate four men – the driver is protected and steers the boat, but has no weapons. There are also three other positions, all of which are also protected and offer LMGs. As soon as the landing craft arrives at the beach, the ramp lowers and you can start running. Also interesting: Anyone who has no position on one of the guns, can still stand in the boat. If you just want to sail people through the area as a captain, you should be careful: torpedo boats or airplanes make very short work of barely armored boats.
  • Giant Bomber : The new Russian bomber is in action for the first time. Apart from very cool animations in the position change there is room for a total of four men and with one of the setups the chance to drop new supply drops .
  • Monster Shield : There are huge shore batteries on the lake-facing sides of the islands. Once you get in, you get to see a cool animation before you get stuck behind the cannon and fire the gigantic cannon. The shore battery fires very accurately over hundreds of meters – so boats and infantry have a hard time if a passable shooter is on board. In compensation, the shooter can be done by flank maneuvers; In addition, there is a fairly low rate of fire and a very sedate turning of the turret. Also important: The batteries are destroyed to start and must be repaired by the support. And what is broken and repaired, can break again – so the guns are not as powerful as you might fear.

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