Last night, DICE has made several unsuccessful attempts and shifts to publish the first map of Battlefield 1’s In The Name Of The Tsar dLC in the Community Test Environment. The snowy and mountainous battlefield in the Carpathians can now be put through its paces by players. Incidentally, Russia is also on board as a new faction, including the first female serial-style female soldier in the series, the new Lancer can make friends with the Chargemechanik and skewer opponents and the Devs have released a few new melee weapons for testing. The altogether eleven new firearms of the Russia DLC are currently not available for testing.

Lupkow Pass is a novelty to Battlefield 1 not only because of the snow setting – the battlefield is large and spacious; the devs did not place armored vehicles on the map. Away from airmen and horses you have to rely on your own legs. Also not always the standard in Battlefield 1: The mountainous battlefield offers plenty of cover – trees, rocks, elevation changes and more ensure that snipers and campers do not have it too easy. All this could change however with longer duration of action and after. As Behemoth the armored train including winter camouflage is used. And where we already talk about the winter: The weather changes regularly – from glorious sunshine over refreshing wind to heavy snowfall is all there.

Incidentally, the new lancers usually work like normal horses – roadkills are available when skipping over and the lance can also be swung like a sword. New is the charge attack – just press the right mouse button and storm storm horse and rider with lowered lance. If you’re aiming for the right target – the hit zone is quite small – you’ll spike enemies. Various players report that the work of the Devs on horse physics and controls means a noticeable improvement and that the horses are now more directly controlled and less likely to get stuck.

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Battlefield 1 – Lupkow Pass Gameplay und Interview geleakt und verschwunden