Battlefield 1 – DICE: We’ve put the private servers in the sand; big improvements are coming

Battlefield 1’s private server theme is about the proverbial deadly beaten horse: soon after seven months of release, the features are far from what was available and feasible in Battlefield 4 with community tools; In addition, the development continues more than slowly. Producer David Sirland has now chosen very open words and promised at the same time speedy recovery: DICE had “the release and the available features” of the private server for the launch and afterwards “in the sand.” Everything was planned differently: The private server should have the features and features that were already available in the past titles, with more features and convenience.

Reasons why the private servers for the launch were not available at all and then it took months after the delayed live again, until elementary functions such as Kicks, Bans or a VIP list made the game, can not give the producer. Although the word is not explicitly mentioned, it can be assumed that it is not possible to give details of what went wrong in the end, due to a – for developers quite normal – NDA.

At the same time, the developers are convinced that the path is right: servers can run anywhere thanks to the cloud, and there should be a set of features that is constantly updated and improved. Unlike the tools of the past, a full service is now planned. However, this is currently still far away and the situation is not good, even from the point of view of DICE; At the same time, however, it is assumed that you will get to where you wanted to go right from the start.

A small arrangement: Actually, David Sirland is not wrong – setting up his own server, configuring it correctly and making sure everything is running well was more or less torture. When everything gets easier and better, and annoying things like instant messaging Dropping out of finals for choosing a limited class, because they are clearly communicated in the game and the spawn is prevented altogether, then everything is fine. However, the problem is exactly what he also addresses: DICE has set it discreetly closed in the sand and so far delivered virtually nothing of what you had to deliver. Plans can be so beautiful – if at the end of it is none of it and the months go into the country, then you will become impatient and angry as a patient fan at some point. We stay curious and wait for the things to come.

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