Battlefield 1 – April patch released Tomorrow: Platoons, Weapon Variants & More

Do you remember, as we were told on Monday, that the April patch for Battlefield 1 would be postponed due to certification and would not appear on Tuesday – aka the traditional patch day …? If you were worried that you would have to wait a long time, you can now lean back and relax: DICE has just announced that the update will be released on Thursday.

On the PC it starts with the two-hour downtime from 9:00 clock; This will be followed by the Playstation 4 at 11:00 and the Xbox One at 13:00. There is not yet an xchange changelog; many details are already known. And we summarize what you need to know …

  • New content : Four new weapon variants of the “Level 10” Class Weapons and 19 new and mostly focused on the team play Ribbons are in the update.
  • Platoons : Even the already known from the predecessors Platoons are back with it.
  • Server features : A game start from six players, Mapvotes to the round end for all, admin and VIP lists as well as password protection extend the so far very narrow functions for private servers.
  • Netcode : The netcode has been revised. Players with a high ping will now be less worried about frustrating deaths.
  • Balance : Grenades will not be automatically regenerated. What remains of the automatically appearing grenades is the fact that grenades are now regenerating in the background and that after a while you get the grenade immediately at the next Ammobox. In addition, various maps and modes have been revised and aircraft somewhat weakened.

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Battlefield 1 – April-Patch verzögert sich leicht, bringt wichtige Server-Features & Mehr