Battlefield 1 – April-Patch verzögert sich leicht, bringt wichtige Server-Features & Mehr

In the livestream of the Battlefield 1 April Patch, DICE made a few announcements about the update. In addition to really good news for server admins, the devs have had more info: platoons, new weapon variants, new ribbons, mapvotes for all, admin rights, VIP lists and Co. should make fans happy. The only downside: The April update may not appear in April, as it is still in the certification. But it should not take too long anyway.

  • Platoons : Platoons will be available for everyone with the next patch.
  • New weapon variants : The patch will contain four new variants of existing weapons.
  • More ribbons : There are 19 new ribbons. The focus is mainly on teamwork – Revives, spotting and Co. are now bringing the ribbons.
  • Mapvotes : As of now, Mapvotes are always the default and enabled on all servers.
  • Admin rights awarded : From now on there can be several admins per server.
  • Fewer players to start : Instead of at least 20 players per server, now 6 players are needed to start the game. In the future, the number will probably be freely selectable.
  • VIPs : The developer is not quite sure; if the certification works, there will also be VIP lists for servers.
  • Passwords : There will definitely be password protection for private servers.
  • Dead scoff : Medics can now mock the dead to signal that they want to save them.
  • Ticks : The flag conquest now brings fewer points; every second in the flag radius brings more points for it.
  • Grenades : Grenades will not be automatically regenerated. What remains of the automatically appearing grenades is the fact that grenades are now regenerating in the background and that after a while you get the grenade immediately at the next Ammobox.
  • Netcode : The netcode will now punish players who have a ping of over 100. The hit detection is changed to a server-side version for these players.

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