Battlefield 1 – Hardcore Damage, More Hardcore, Servers & More

Even on weekends, let’s not forget to type some fresh news about Battlefield 1 after inspecting world domination plans . Today in the message: DICE will turn up the hardcore damage again, the next round of tests of Premium Friends is pending and DICE confirms that servers are in Frankfurt. And we have all the details for you …

  • Premium Friends is back : Premium Friends was not available for a short time. But the next round of testing is coming up very soon – who is in the party with a premium player can go to all DLC servers; but does not earn any points.
  • 200 percent damage : DICE will increase the hardcore damage to 200 percent in the next few days – probably with the April patch . This should be the implementation of a vote .
  • Hardcore and They Shall Not Pass : Immediately all modes are in They Shall Not Pass in hardcore mode available . If you are looking for the server, just search for “- [DICE] – Hardcore – TSNP TDM -“.
  • German servers : The desire for servers standing in Germany was called again and again. However, one wonders at DICE about something: In Frankfurt, there are already servers.