Battlefield 1 – Ammo 2.0 is officially dead

Do you remember the time when DICE wanted to completely redefine the balance of Battlefield 1 with Ammo 2.0 ? Grenades and virtually all gadget ammunition should regenerate, there would have been fewer gadget ammunition for spawning and ammo boxes would have significantly reduced the regeneration time. Now it’s clear: with the exception of the faster resupply time for grenades – by the way, you still have to go to support to get a grenade at the end … – Ammo 2.0 is officially dead .

That means three things: There will definitely be no magical inventory of ammo for gadgets and grenades, DICE has made a big balance change and you will not be punished if you just throw a grenade just before death. Attempting to make support and team play more important, prevent equipment suspected of dying and at the same time ensure that gadgets without support do not become completely useless, is history.

Battlefield 1 – The Name Of The Tsar Brings Snow, Russia, Cannons & More

In addition to the information on monthly patches and Co. for Battlefield 1, DICE has also unveiled first tangible information on In The Name Of The Tsar. In addition to artwork for the second DLC including Russian Cossacks, giant guns, a ship and snow, there are also first references to weapons, the various maps and more. And we summarize everything again …

  • In The Name Of The Tsar : The second expansion brings Russia as a new faction. On the artworks – which, incidentally, are quite close to the real content in the light of past experiences … – you can see many more things about that.
  • Snow : All artworks show more or less snow.
  • Three Maps : If you look at the artwork, you can assume that three different maps will be shown. A massively snowy and flat map, a battlefield on the coast with small islands and a battlefield in the mountains can be seen.
  • Cossacks : There are the notorious Cossack riders.
  • Big Cannon : On a map there is a gigantic cannon reminiscent of shore batteries.
  • New vehicle : There is a new armored vehicle that apparently has cannons on its sides and probably can not fire straight ahead.
  • A ship : In addition to the big cannon and the already well-known gunboat in the background is a slightly larger ship to see. Whether this is only decoration, whether DICE introduces a new Behemoth or whether it is a normal vehicle is so far unknown.
  • New weapons : On the artworks you can see two new weapons with the Fedotov Automatov and the Parabellum MG14 / 17 .