Battlefield II – Leak: add-on in work, brings World War II & nuclear bomb

UPDATE: Yes, that was our April Fool’s joke. So you have to, can and can not take any of what is written here, even in a rudimentary way. Although it would definitely have been a very cool Battlefield.

Anyone who has thought that DICE will concentrate fully on Battlefield 1 for the next few years may have been wrong: A leak directly from the official website reveals an add-on that was set up during World War II. The most important things to know: The release is in September, four factions and twelve battlefields should inspire fans and the developers promise not only beautiful graphics, but also more destruction, better teamplay, battleships and retractable aircraft carriers, many content to Motivation and atomic bombs, which should change the map completely. We can feel the hype …

  • Addon : Battlefield II is not a completely new series part, but an addon for Battlefield 1. Whether you can strike Standalone is unknown.
  • Numbers : 64 players, 12 maps, four factions, more than 40 weapons, 23 vehicles and 50 new ranks should be available.
  • Sea battles : Sea battles are called in two places. In addition to the sinking of a whole fleet is described that one could watch an aircraft carrier while sinking. Also a submarine is called as a vehicle.
  • Four factions : Officially, four factions have been confirmed. Anyone looking at the locations described can assume that, in addition to Germany, the US, Russia and Japan are also allowed to intervene in the fighting.
  • More destruction : There should be more destruction and detail than ever before.
  • Nuclear war : There should be a way to drop an atomic bomb. It seems that a new and mission-based system is being used. Exciting: The match should not be over after the atomic bomb explosion, but continue on a completely devastated map.
  • Missions : Through missions the team play should be improved. The developers call vehicles, air strikes and the atomic bomb as rewards for good team play. Details about the tasks are still missing.
  • Day and night change : There should be a day and night change.
  • Battlefields : In addition to Iwo Jima, the landing of the Aillierten in Normandy, the storming of Berlin and an unspecified map on the eastern front are called.
  • Price and Date : The Relase is on September 8 for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. For the expansion 35 euros are due “if you own Battlefield 1.” What that means for players without Battlefield 1, you can currently only speculate.

Of course, at the end we have to warn someone – a leak is still a leak. However, since we ourselves were on the website thanks to the tip of a well-known Youtubers – the link leads back to nowhere … – and have made the screenshots, we are very sure that this is not a fake. We’re curious to see exactly when DICE will reveal Battlefield II and when it’ll see the first gameplay …

Battlefield 1 – Ammo 2.0 kommt, automatische Granatenregeneration fliegt aber raus

Die komplett neue und dezent kontrovers aufgenommene Resupply-Balance für Battlefield 1 – die den doch sehr fancy klingenden Namen Ammo 2.0 bekommen hatte… – wird überarbeitet und angepasst. Wie Producer David Sirland verkündete, wird die automatische Regeneration von Granaten und Gadgets komplett entfernt werden. Eine zeitbasierte Komponente soll immer noch enthalten sein; ohne Support wird man aber keine magisch auftauchenden Granaten oder sonstige Ausrüstung haben.

Was genau DICE damit meint, ist nicht komplett klar.Fakt ist: Die Lösung, bei der nach geraumer Zeit neue Gadgets und Granaten auf magische Weise einfach im Inventar auftauchten, ist Geschichte. Die weiteren Änderungen von Ammo 2.0 wie ein langsam voranschreitender Counter, ein Aufmunitionierungsstopp bei Suppression und diverse weitere Änderungen dürften aber weiterhin enthalten sein. Ob Battlefield 1 sich merkt, wie viel Gadget-Munition und Granaten man beim Tod noch hatte und Spieler entsprechend mit weniger Ausrüstung spwnen lässt, ist bisher übrigens noch nicht bekannt.

Im Klartext heißt das: Höchstwahrscheinlich wird man also wohl die von diversen Fans – inklusive uns… – vorgeschlagene Lösung nutzen, bei der man nach geraumer Zeit einfach sehr schnell an eine neue Granate kommt, wenn man sich irgendwann an einer Ammobox einfindet. Genauere Details dazu sollen am Donnerstag mit einem neuen Update im Community Test Environment veröffentlicht werden. Bis dahin warten wir gespannt, was genau DICE am Ende machen wird und freuen uns, dass zumindest die Diskussion um magisch auftauchende Ausrüstung am Ende sein dürfte.

Battlefield 1 – Hat Easter-Egg mit fliegendem Haus an Luftballons

Who would not want to fly away after a tedious discussion about grenade balance, the role of support and Co. in Battlefield 1 ? This is unfortunately not really possible; But DICE hid a really cool Easter egg on Verdun Heights: If you look around and destroy a few things, you can fly a house away with balloons. True meaning does not have that; as we know DICE, they may have hidden more clues and definitely a nod to the Disney movie Up! packed into the game.

You definitely do not have to do much: Destroy three bottles of wine first, then shoot at two wind flags and the little house on the edge of the map will lift you off. We find: A very cool little Easter Egg …