Battlefield 1 – Gameplay by Rupture released

Just yesterday there was Fort Vaux to admire the second map from They Shall Not Pass ; Today we are already looking at the next upcoming map for Battlefield 1, which bears the name Rupture. Between bunkers and rolling hills in the sunset, a mighty bridge crosses over a river. With red blooming poppy everything looks very nice …

  • Square layout : Rupture is shared by the river in the middle. On each river side there are two flags; the fifth and last flag is directly on the bridge. You can also walk over the river and behind the front.
  • Bridge fight : The bridge is through the layout of the point where both sides collide. By the way, you can also be under the bridge.
  • How nice : Rupture is beautiful and very idyllic.
  • Lighting and darkness : From the beautiful sunset, the lighting changes gradually to dusk.

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