Battlefield 1 – Fort Vaux Gameplay: The new Operation Locker in the video

In the Community Test Environment of Battlefield 1 Fort Vaux can be played starting today. The second maps from the “They Shall Not Pass” -DLC were already briefly seen in an operation; but nothing was known about the conquest. Now that’s changing and we can confirm what we already suspected: The battlefield in and around a French fortress is reminiscent of Operation Locker and Operation Métro. However, the developers have also incorporated a few elements that remind a bit of His Crossing …

  • We need tunnels! Fort Vaux plays almost exclusively in the fort itself. That means in plain language: there are tunnels, halls and a stack of more and less winding corridors. Thus, the map is strongly reminiscent of Operation Locker and also Operation Métro, which squeezed players into narrow corridors in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 and enjoyed huge popularity.
  • Nonlinear : Unlike Operation Métro and Operation Locker, Fort Vaux is not linear. Instead, there is a two-triangle layout; adjacent flags can almost always be reached directly. Inspiration has been his crossing here .
  • Fresh air : All you have to do without fresh air on Fort Vaux – the Uncap spawns are outdoors and at least two of the flags are also outdoors.
  • Central confusion : The central flag is in the courtyard, where you can not only be attacked from the front, but also pay attention to shooters on the second floor around the courtyard. Those who are really brave can cross the courtyard on a bridge on the second floor.
  • Always Flank : You can often avoid enemies outside the corridors by moving along the ramparts.

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