Battlefield 1 – Gameplay by Rupture released

Just yesterday there was Fort Vaux to admire the second map from They Shall Not Pass ; Today we are already looking at the next upcoming map for Battlefield 1, which bears the name Rupture. Between bunkers and rolling hills in the sunset, a mighty bridge crosses over a river. With red blooming poppy everything looks very nice …

  • Square layout : Rupture is shared by the river in the middle. On each river side there are two flags; the fifth and last flag is directly on the bridge. You can also walk over the river and behind the front.
  • Bridge fight : The bridge is through the layout of the point where both sides collide. By the way, you can also be under the bridge.
  • How nice : Rupture is beautiful and very idyllic.
  • Lighting and darkness : From the beautiful sunset, the lighting changes gradually to dusk.

Battlefield 1 – Fort Vaux Gameplay: The new Operation Locker in the video

In the Community Test Environment of Battlefield 1 Fort Vaux can be played starting today. The second maps from the “They Shall Not Pass” -DLC were already briefly seen in an operation; but nothing was known about the conquest. Now that’s changing and we can confirm what we already suspected: The battlefield in and around a French fortress is reminiscent of Operation Locker and Operation Métro. However, the developers have also incorporated a few elements that remind a bit of His Crossing …

  • We need tunnels! Fort Vaux plays almost exclusively in the fort itself. That means in plain language: there are tunnels, halls and a stack of more and less winding corridors. Thus, the map is strongly reminiscent of Operation Locker and also Operation Métro, which squeezed players into narrow corridors in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 and enjoyed huge popularity.
  • Nonlinear : Unlike Operation Métro and Operation Locker, Fort Vaux is not linear. Instead, there is a two-triangle layout; adjacent flags can almost always be reached directly. Inspiration has been his crossing here .
  • Fresh air : All you have to do without fresh air on Fort Vaux – the Uncap spawns are outdoors and at least two of the flags are also outdoors.
  • Central confusion : The central flag is in the courtyard, where you can not only be attacked from the front, but also pay attention to shooters on the second floor around the courtyard. Those who are really brave can cross the courtyard on a bridge on the second floor.
  • Always Flank : You can often avoid enemies outside the corridors by moving along the ramparts.


Battlefield 1 has a pretty decent balance right now, the February patch (which Changelog already knows) will not bring any gigantic changes, so the time has come to tell you what the best weapon in Battlefield 1 is. By the way, if you think we’ll call the automatico now, you were totally wrong: It’s definitely not the best weapon. And the result, which in the end is by far the strongest gun, should surprise more than one player. And with that we wish you lots of fun … (By the way: Is not that a great transcription?) If you are afraid that we will only use BILD headlines now: Do not worry, we just wanted to get a typical and very serious Youtuber. Heading to choose …)

A question of balance
Before we can tell you what the best weapon in the game is, we need to look at the weapon balance and especially at the underlying mechanics. Battlefield 1 uses – similar to the last series parts – a number of values, which in the end ensure that weapon X plays as it currently plays …

  • Recoil : The recoil ensures that you have to correct regularly with continuous fire or quick bursts of fire, because the weapon warps. This weapon can warp up and sideways. Normally, in Battlefield 1 they will move up and randomly to the left or right per burst.
  • Spread : The spread is the second influence on where the ball flies. Unlike the recoil, you can not compensate for it. With continuous fire the spread increases constantly and the balls remain within a cone, which becomes wider with longer fire duration. If you stop firing, the spread goes down again. The only exception in Battlefield 1 are LMGs, which become more accurate with increasing fire duration and are very inaccurate with the first bullets.
  • Rate of Fire : The higher the rate of fire, the more balls the opponent will kill in a short time and fly into the ears. Logically, right?
  • Damage : Logically, the damage is very important for the weapon balance. There is a point from where the point decreases linearly and sometimes in gradations to the minimum damage.
  • Headshot Multiplier : The question of how much a headshot counts is also important.
  • Muzzle velocity : Muzzle velocity affects how far an opponent may be removed to hit him without guesses.
  • Bullet Drop : Dragging the ball through air resistance is important for long-range combat.
  • Magazine size : More balls help repel more enemies without waiting forever to reload. The latter, of course, is also important.
  • Stance : Depending on your standard or movement, most weapons will become inaccurate faster.

More balance questions
So far, so good and interesting. Generally speaking, DICE has decided on a slightly different balance than in the previous titles and made the spread more important, which makes the infamous tap firing impossible. (Note: In the last titles you could fire as fast as continuous fire, if you pressed the fire key fast constantly fast, as the spread values were reset to the original value again and again.Who hammered accordingly fast on the key, had only Instead, the focus is now – off the LMGs – to deliver different lengths of fire bursts depending on the distance and at the same time to adjust the pauses between the bursts of fire to the length of these. That sounds a bit exhausting at first glance In return, however, rewards training and background information. Apart from that, little has changed, though DICE has tried to give individual weapons a clearer range of uses. The result is definitely interesting, but does not make it easier to find the best weapon.

How do you determine the best weapon?
Determining the best weapon is quite simple in theory: you look at the values per weapon , draw your calculator and try to figure out how long it takes to kill an enemy at a certain distance. To do this one should try to imagine different game situations – two enemies in close combat are, for example, a different topic than an enemy at 70 meters and no cover. Alternatively, one trusts in one’s own experience, which of course is a completely different topic – often one has only hinted at one weapon or another, only to give up quickly. In any case, various weapons have emerged, which we would call the best in their class.

  • Assault – Hellriegel : Yes, we know – we should surely have taken the Automatico or one of the A-10 shotguns. Right? The answer is simple: no. This is about the best weapon and not the best weapon for ten to fifteen meters. Thanks to its good rate of fire and huge magazine, the Hellriegel can eliminate enemy groups, it is very rare to reload and the weapon is relatively accurate. Alternatively – and for longer distances – the MP18 is still a good choice because it is a bit more accurate. Only in close combat is the Automatico superior and can even be played there as a hipfire monster without zoom. Nevertheless, who does not play on Suez – where a shotgun is a good idea – drives with Hellriegel or MP18 usually much better.
  • Medic – Autoloading 8 : Now we’re probably crazy, right? To take the only weapon that has a foolish five shots in the magazine – sure. We’re crazy, are not we? In fact, Autoloading 8 is by far the best Medic weapon: the damage is highest, the weapon is extremely accurate, you have the best firing rate of all Medic weapons, and you can fire them very fast without firing significantly inaccurate. If you do not feel like having to use the secondary weapon regularly in close combat with more than one opponent, you are welcome to unpack the Mondragon or the self-loading 1906. In direct duel these weapons of Autoloading 8 but always inferior.
  • Scout – All : Surprise: Sniper rifles have no relevant differences. Who does not just unpack the only DRM variant or the weapons without sweetspot, should simply orientate itself on which distance you prefer to play. The sweetspot ensures that you should change your weapons depending on the mode, map and game style. Those who like it close and personal should, of course, pack Martini Henry and SLME; At long distances, the M1903 is the strongest. The big challenge is always to hit hard and make sure you attack enemies at the optimal distance.
  • Support – BAR or Huot : Well, there are other very good support weapons. But BAR and Huot are the weapons that are the best compromise of accuracy and damage, and can therefore be played very well offensively. If you can make friends with staying behind and also use the Bi-Pod, you are welcome to use other weapons of support. But since this is about the generally best weapons, we recommend you to use BAR and Huot in general. As a defender in the rush, the situation looks different, of course – here you should grab the MG15 NA.

All Over Winner: Autoloading 8
Yes, we know it: The Autoloading 8 is hard to use because you have to shoot very precisely because the magazine is so small and because it will definitely be hard at first. However, if you train a bit and think carefully, you will quickly dominate regardless of the map and mode. The Medic is automatically the best infantry choice by healing – if you do not meet a ton of vehicles and get away with grenade spam – and can revive fellow combatants. And the weapon in combination with the great Medic revolvers loosely, so you can turn off two or three enemies. Only in the range of ten meters, you have to watch out for shotguns and the Automatico, where you have here – unlike the other Medic weapons … – quite passable chances of survival. Who trains a lot,