Battlefield 1 – Armored Kill and Bleed Out: Two New Game Variants January & More Content

Since shortly after the launch, DICE has released a new game variant for Battlefield 1 every two weeks . Not surprisingly … – nothing changes at the start of the new year: On January 4, a new version for vehicle variant is ready; on January 18th follows an adapted Rush variant. In Armored Kill, Conquest is played without scouts, and vehicles spawn faster, while Bleed Out Rush is gambled with no regenerating health and reduced spawn time. Away from that promise the developers for January more Battlepack versions with completely new vehicle skins.

By the way, the developers are still guilty of details about further content, patches and upcoming features in the small news update which is currently only to be found in the game. However, since most of the DICE devs have come back from vacation to the office only today, that’s probably not a big shock. We are definitely curious about what lies ahead and when the next patch will be released …

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