A few hours ago, the Community Test Environment for Battlefield 1 officially started . The first big goal in the test environment is short and sweet: The February patch is to be put through its paces. With the announcement, a comprehensive is Changelog surfaced that – unsurprisingly – a very good overview of the changes and innovations in the upcoming update provides, Be it new goals, ribbons, balance adjustments or map votes – we have here the perfect overview of what is planned. Because we do not know exactly how closely you have the procedure in the Community Test Environment in mind, we want to point out very far in the text that all changes are adjusted on the basis of feedback and may eventually be delayed in extreme cases.

  • #Swag for motivation : The ribbons known from the last series parts are back – to start there will be a total of 20, which you can always get back. The concept: who does something for the team and the victory will be rewarded with the ribbon and 500 experience points. Incidentally, DICE is pleased to receive Ribbon suggestions. Furthermore, there are now 50 class ranks – who makes it to the top, gets a very cool Killcard with “class flair.” In addition, you can dust with only eight weapons for 500 kills 25,000 points and an elite Codex entry. So many players have new goals and you also get regular rewards. Our reward-trimmed brain is happy …
  • Map Vote : At the end of the turn you will now be able to vote for between two randomly selected maps from the server rotation. Incidentally, the “End of Round” time is not extended by this.
  • Bad Tank Spawn : Fixed a bug that could cause tanks to spawn on a team, even though no tank was supposed to spawn.
  • Grenade hate : The gas grenades now emit only 15 gas instead of 22 seconds. Impact Nades are also weakened – from a maximum of 80 it returns to a maximum of 72 damage.
  • Weapon Balance : You can massively arm weapons. However, the changes are rather marginal – the highest of the emotions is a 10 percent recoil adjustment or adjustments to weapon animations.
  • Vehicle selection : You can no longer select vehicles during the countdown to the lap start.
  • Bugs : DICE also fixes a ton of small bugs. Be it crashes, missing animations, indestructible table components, very strange details like menus that do not work properly after calling Satan three times or similar absurd things – a lot is happening.
  • Private Server: You can now disable the Behemoth. In addition one can adjust that one can spawn only with the Squad Leader. Other server features are currently – because you can not have private servers there … – not tested in the Community Test Environment. By the way, Kicks, Bans and Co. are definitely coming in the next patch.
  • There’s something missing : The changelog missing this time the traditional way several changes and fixes. As more and more players gain access, we will analyze reports, throw gameplay, and make sure that the most important secret changes are acknowledged with messages.
  • Details : Read the details here.

Was Thunder

War Thunder had his release a few weeks ago, so we wanted to introduce you to this game.

1. What is War Thunder?
War Thunder is a Free2Play cross-platform MMO from Gaijin Entertainment that deals with aviation, tank and soon also sea battles. The game is available for PC, Mac, Linux and PS4. All platforms play together. Gaijin Entertainment was known among other things by “IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey”. The system requirements are here to find.

2. What makes War Thunder special?
Now you’re probably wondering what makes War Thunder special. What sets it apart from the competition? There are several things you can name: the game modes, the module system and the Armor Inspector. I would like to briefly explain this with reference to the tank battles.

2.1 game modes

There are three different game modes in WarThunder:

  • Arcade Battles
  • Realistic Battles (RB)
  • Simulator Battles (SB)

The three game modes differ significantly from each other, for example, in the realistic battles tanks and planes compete against each other, but in the arcade battles they are separated from each other. To enumerate all differences would be too much for this one article, but you can read them here .

2.2 Module system

Another special feature of War Thunder is the modular system. The tanks and planes have no HP beam. The vehicles each have specific modules (eg transmission, engine, ammunition storage) and crew. A vehicle is considered destroyed if the majority of its modules are damaged or the crew incapacitated.

The choice of ammunition plays a very important role. With an APHE grenade you can incapacitate an enemy vehicle with one to two hits as the grenade explodes inside the vehicle. An APCR grenade, however, does not explode inside the tank, so you’ll need a lot more hits.

Here are two pictures of the modules of the “Panzerkampfwagen VII Maus” and the “Flakpanzer I Gepard”.

2.3 Armor Inspector

Another small highlight of War Thunder is the Armor Inspector. With this you can have your individual armor levels displayed in your garage. The viewing angle is also included (> effective armor strength).

3. Vehicles
In War Thunder you have a large selection of vehicles. As fractions are America, Germany, Russia, Great Britain and Japan to choose from.

(Left tanks – right planes)










4. Golden Eagles
As in any Free2Play game, War Thunder has a premium currency, the so-called Golden Eagles. Of these, the premium status, premium tanks, camouflage and 3D decorations (eg bushes) can be purchased.

Premium status gives you more EXP and credits per battle. But you can play well up to rank 3 and 4 without premium.

There is no premium munitions. The premium tanks are usually worse than the regular models, get a little more credits and have special / unique camouflage.

The camouflage and 3D decorations are in the arcade mode purely optical nature, as you are marked in the arcade immediately when you come within sight of the enemy.


In the other two game modes you do not have this marker, so you have a small advantage through the camouflage. However, this is only a small advantage and on the other hand the most arcade mode is played.

So I think the Golden Eagles are fair.

5. Conclusion
War Thunder offers challenging battles. The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay thought through. The game offers something for everyone with its three different game modes and thanks to the modular system a tactical approach is necessary.

The game has – depending on the view – but also a few negative aspects. So you have a very steep learning curve at the beginning and a high frustration potential. Those who are not put off by it will find in War Thunder a good – and from the premium prices also fair – game.


Battlefield 3 – Ist ebenso wie Bad Company 2 im Xbox One Backward Compatibility Programm

Ihr besitzt eine Xbox One, eine Xbox360 und habt Battlefield 3 und Battlefield Bad Company 2 auf genau dieser alten Konsole besessen? Dann hat Microsoft heute gute Nachrichten für euch: Die zwei Kulthits sind nun Bestandteil des Xbox One „Backward Compatibility“-Programms und können ab sofort dort gespielt werden. Awards, Auszeichnungen, alle DLCs und Co. bleiben dabei übrigens auch auf der Xbox One verfügbar; als kleinen Wermutstropfen muss man leider auf aufgemotze Grafik verzichten. Trotzdem kann man davon ausgehen, dass Fans sich mehr als nur etwas freuen und ansonsten gerne in Dragon Age: Origins und Co. vorbeischauen werden.

Für uns ist die Nachricht auf jeden Fall eine gute Gelegenheit, uns an die Zeit vor fast sieben Jahren und Battlefield Bad Company 2 sowie das eineinhalb Jahre später erschienene Battlefield 3 zu erinnern. Seien es tolle Gefechte, wüste Diskussionen, GamesCom-Besuche oder das Staunen in der Beta von Battlefield Bad Company 2, wenn man auf ein rotes Fass schoss und das mitsamt der nebenstehenden Wand in die Luft flog – allein für diese Erinnerung freuen wir uns über das Xbox One Backward Compatibility Programm. Außerdem haben wir uns alte Trailer anschauen und uns daran erinnern können, wie aufgrund des Soundtracks von Battlefield 3 manche Leute das Serienende vorhersagten. Have fun…

Battlefield 1 – Armored Kill and Bleed Out: Two New Game Variants January & More Content

Since shortly after the launch, DICE has released a new game variant for Battlefield 1 every two weeks . Not surprisingly … – nothing changes at the start of the new year: On January 4, a new version for vehicle variant is ready; on January 18th follows an adapted Rush variant. In Armored Kill, Conquest is played without scouts, and vehicles spawn faster, while Bleed Out Rush is gambled with no regenerating health and reduced spawn time. Away from that promise the developers for January more Battlepack versions with completely new vehicle skins.

By the way, the developers are still guilty of details about further content, patches and upcoming features in the small news update which is currently only to be found in the game. However, since most of the DICE devs have come back from vacation to the office only today, that’s probably not a big shock. We are definitely curious about what lies ahead and when the next patch will be released …