Battlefield 1 – SLI fixes and performance improvements in the December patch

Apart from the DirectX bug and lack of skill, looking for problems in Battlefield 1 will bring you fast and reliable performance problems on all platforms and PC-exclusive problems with SLI systems. On Twitter and in the official forum, DICE has now had a say and good news in the luggage: Both errors are in the December update – which allegedly appear on December 13 and will definitely bring Giants Shadow as a new map … – more or less complete on the collar.

In the case of performance problems on all platforms, one will correct a bug that caused dynamically adjusted and loaded textures to be partially forced to have too high a resolution , starting a downward spiral: To improve performance, should be temporarily low but they were replaced by higher-resolution and performance-hungry variants, which led to even more performance issues. (A real vicious …) Especially the consoles were affected.

The SLI problems are also on the collar. However, DICE can not do it alone with patches remedies e – the graphics card manufacturers will provide appropriate driver updates.

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