Battlefield 1 – Report: Patch Content, Patch Appointment, Upcoming Features & More

So far, it was only known that Battlefield 1 would get a free new map in December with Giants Shadow , bringing battles to an important railroad node on a river. Now, an alleged insider has posted more information about the associated patch, including key changes, features, features, and even upcoming content. We summarize what you need to know and, of course, point out that there is no official confirmation so far …

  • Patch-Date : The new patch will be released on December 13th and bring Giants Shadow.
  • Giants Shadow : The new map has as Behemoth an armored train and a storm as a dynamic weather. In addition, all vehicles available in the game will be on the map. Boats will be really important for the first time and will be on the river.
  • User Interface : There will be many improvements and fixes for the user interface.
  • Server Features : As previously announced, there will be more server features. Exact details away from customizable tickets are still missing.
  • Medals, Battlepacks and Scrap : Medals, Battlepacks and Scrap are being redesigned. For example, you will get some scrap if you make it to the end of the turn under the Featured Players.
  • Stop : The Quit button will always work now.
  • Attack and Defense : Joining to an operation allows you to choose whether to attack or defend.

Apart from the patch details, the alleged insider also has information on upcoming DLCs and features planned for later releases …

  • Big Cannon : There will be real trench maps. On these maps, there are behemoth big artillery pieces.
  • Dogfights : A dogfight mode will be released early next year and also bring airships.
  • Snow maps : It is planned to develop a DLC around snow maps.
  • Night variants : Currently it is planned to offer three maps in the future as night variants .
  • Character customization : Currently, DICE is not working on character customization.

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