Battlefield 1 – Fun Facts: Points, War Bonds, Ranks & More

You wanted to know how many points you need in Battlefield 1 for the highest rank, from when you can really unlock all the content and how long it takes about to get the highest rank? Then we have good news for you: A fan has found answers to all these questions and we summarize the results. A tip: Rank 70 does not even need 20 percent of the points you need to get the maximum rank …

  • Level 70 : Level 70 is the rank with which you can have every imaginable item available so far in play. From this rank there are no more war bonds.
  • More War Bonds : The War Bonds received per level increase with higher levels. But level 70 is over.
  • The goal: 20 million points are needed to get the maximum rank 100. For comparison: Level 70 requires only 3.75 million points. Who really wants the highest rank, will have to accumulate almost seven times as many points.
  • Level 100 : To get from level 99 to 100, you need 2.62 million points. In other words, to make the final level up, you have to play almost as long as you did for the first 70 rank ascents.
  • 666 hours : If you get 500 points per minute, you have to play 666 hours – or 27 days … – to get the maximum rank.

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