Battlefield 1 – Patch Changelog: Suez Canal is Bigger, Fixes, Features & More

Today, the new Patch for Battlefield 1 has been released, bringing with it a stack of fresh features: mutinies against inactive squad leaders, a larger version of Suez, balance changes to weapons and operations, bug fixes, more points for Revives, and more hiding in the 1.6 to 1.9 gigabyte update that’s available since this morning. Also included: private servers and a vast amount of text. As always, at the beginning of the message we have an overview of the things you really need to know. The biggest and most relevant changes and adjustments in as little text as possible can now be found right here. Have fun!

  • Suez : Suez has grown bigger – instead of three, there are now five flags. In addition, the capture radii are smaller in the city, so you can take a flag better. Each team got an armored vehicle for this purpose.
  • Operations : The attackers were strengthened. Now there are more tickets, you get back more tickets if you turn off all enemies after taking a sector and there are at least 50 instead of 30 tickets if you take a sector. Finally, you conquer flags now a little faster.
  • Mutiny : If a squad leader does not command for 60 seconds on demand – and, of course, no command is active – then he is demoted and the player who asked for the command becomes the new squad leader.
  • Private Server : From now on private servers can be rented. Details about the – still very limited – features can be found here in the detailed article .
  • Adaptation : The equipment can now be adjusted in the menu. However, apart from the bayonet and camouflage, the weapons can not be adjusted without going to a server.
  • End : Now you can always leave the server when loading the new map after completing the round.
  • Joysticks : Joysticks are now supported.
  • Killfeed : You can now choose whether you want to see nothing in the killfeed, only your own kills, only the squad’s kills, only kills in the vicinity or everything.
  • Lie : Lying soldiers are no longer moved by team members.
  • More points : Revives now bring more points.
  • LMGs : Lightweight machine guns are now a better choice in the medium term.
  • Mortar : Mortars are now inaccurate at very fast fire. The High Explosive Mortar was weakened a bit – the maximum damage is done in a smaller radius. Apart from that, both mortar variants can burn two smoke grenades.
  • Rebound : The rebound mechanics are better explained now. In addition to clearly recognizable ball tracks, there are now hints and a hit sound.
  • Air Defense : The air defense does a little less damage to aircraft (and the same damage as before against Behemoths). The range of the mobile air defense was reduced to it.
  • Fixes : Crashes, a stack of minor bugs, invisible walls, sound problems and more have been fixed. In addition, the performance was slightly improved.
  • Server : Pending flyers should now be a thing of the past. You no longer have to deal with grenades before you see and hear the explosion.

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