Battlefield 4 – That’s why night variants of Siege of Shanghai and Goldmud Railway did not appear

Some time ago, a night variant of Siege of Shanghai and Goldmud Railway appeared in Battlefield 4’s Community Test Environment; There were several always better looking and better and better playing versions and then it was very quiet. Now, a developer of DICE LA has commented shortly after the release of Battlefield 1 on the subject and betrayed why the two night variants have not appeared and why you should probably make no hope in the future. (If you have not completely lost in Battlefield 1 anyway .)

More precisely , there were three reasons . Mainly responsible were performance issues on Xbox360 and Playstation 3 and the small fact that it was contractually obliged to bring the night variants on the old consoles. Even if the perfromance problems had been fixed, the maps would have needed a lot of work and the visuals would have been different in the Community Test Environment. Last but not least, the lighting artist was tired of traffic in Los Angeles and quit.