If you had to describe the last two weeks of Battlefield 1 in terms of the trial version, positive reviews and the release in a nutshell, then you could say it was a very nice two weeks for fans and DICE. Now, the first really verifiable numbers fit: After many fans had their Friday evening game on a DNS provider – including downtimes from Amazon, Spotify and Co. – Battlefield 1 is now on Saturday night set the first record: over 800,000 players were distributed across the platforms simultaneously active.

Thus, the beta record – it was the most successful beta of EA and Battlefield history with over 13 million players – was broken by 796,000 simultaneously active players as well as the launch record of Battlefield 4 from the launch week, where just less than half Million players was active at the same time. The strongest platform is once again the Playstation 4 (up to 360,000 players), followed by some distance then Xbox One (260,000) and PC (190,000).

In other words, there are big numbers to marvel at, servers that hold and if players keep going the way it looks, then tomorrow we can update the brand “Battlefield 1 cracks for the first time a million simultaneously active players.” Until then we just play a few rounds …