Some time ago it was announced that rentable servers will be coming in Battlefield 1 shortly after release in November. Now, after a fairly positive look at the features , more information has surfaced: PC gamers pay a bit more than consoleros (but less than third-party vendors) and players can not kick and ban right to the start of the rentable servers. These functions should then be added shortly thereafter.

1 day: $ 2.99
7 days: $ 11.99
30 days: $ 42.99
90 days: $ 99.99
180 days: $ 149.99

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
1 day: $ 1.99
7 days: $ 7.99
30 days: $ 26.99
90 days: $ 64.99
180 days: $ 99.99

We do not want to do a lot of public opinion here. But it is noticeable in various things, even off the server, that DICE has apparently chosen the safe way: Instead of pressing features semi-finished in the game, the functions such as J oystick support, degradable Squad Leader and Co. are slightly after the launch patch patched , The result is an extremely stable and clean launch, but also the lack of various functions. The disappointment about the missing functions – just kicks and bans are central for the server administration … – but it is also there of course. At least the community can directly influence the development via feedback.a


You have not bought a Deluxe or Early Enlister Edition of Battlefield 1 and still want to get started as fast as possible? Then we have good news and bad news: Officially, this is only possible from midnight on Friday. However, because we usually have to work on fridays, college, or school, or we’re just tired at night, that’s not necessarily the best option. However, there is a possibility to gamble at 15:00 on Thursday – nine hours before the official release … – You just have to pretend to Origin that the game has already been released in your country. This brings us back to the beautiful VPN guide that we have typed in the last Battlefield launches …

  • Finish Origin : At the start of your premature journey to Battlefield 1, you will close Origin.
  • Get VPN … : Get any VPN client. Here is a list of free clients . Even apart from these VPN providers, it is always sufficient to use a free trial account. Then launch the client and select a server in a country where Battlefield 1 is already available. Incidentally, Australia will start at 15:00 German time.
  • … or use a proxy : The alternative is to search for proxy in the start menu, select the topmost option and simply enter a usurical server value .
  • Start Origin : As soon as you have activated your proxy or VPN, you will start Origin again – this can of course take a little bit longer because all your data are currently being processed via the Australian server.
  • Start Battlefield 1 : You can now start Battlefield 1. The release check is easily overcome and you can gamble – in addition to the single player, the entire multiplayer is open to you.
  • In a nutshell : As soon as you are in the menu, you quit the VPN client or delete the proxy address. Now you also have correspondingly fast Internet.
  • Maybe change the password : If you want to be completely sure, change your password at the end of the gamers session.