At least half of the maps and a whole bunch of weapons from Battlefield 1’s “Turning Tides” DC will be released in December . Thanks to the tests in the Community Test Environment, there is now not only the information about which six weapons you can unlock and what the – about, as balance changes are of course still possible … – but also what assignments for the first real submachine gun of World or a sniper rifle for close combat must do. Multikills, mad screwdrivers and naked hatred for all swimmers will be part of December’s standard repertoire for all players …

  • M1917 Trench Carbine : The full-blown version of the pilot’s weapon is the DLC’s first new Assault weapon and a fairly average addition to the Assault class. To get the new weapon you have to score 25 headshots with the Automatico 1918 Storm and get ten multikills.

  • Submachine gun M1912 / P.16 : This is one of two new weapons for the Assault and incidentally also the first real submachine gun in the world. In order to get the weapon with the very high rate of fire – which is balanced by a small magazine and a short range – you must achieve 50 fences with the Mauser M1917 Trench Carbine and destroy five boats with Rocket Guns.

  • Farquhar Hill : There is a new semi-automatic rifle for the Medic with a fairly large magazine, medium damage and a fairly average rate of fire. There are two variants planned.

    • Stability : For the Stability variant – which is also good to use on the move – you have to score 50 kills with the M1907 SL Trench and revive ten competitors in one round.

    • Range : The range version is better to use distance and is also more accurate. For this variant you need 25 headshots with the Mondragon Sniper and 15 kills of floating enemies with the Medic’s Selfloading Rifles.

  • M1917 MG : The famous machine gun will be available in two variants in Battlefield 1 in the future. Both versions will come with a 250-round magazine and should perform very well in the fight against aircraft and in the defense of bottlenecks. The long firing time to overheating is balanced by a fairly low rate of firing.

    • Low Weight : You get the standard version for 50 kills with the BAR 1918 Trench. However, causing 200 damage with the wrenches on enemy vehicles is likely to be a little more difficult.

    • Telescopic : The rifle-equipped version of the Brwoning is available for 50 kills with the Huot Leightweight and 300 points for suppression.

  • Carcano M91 Carbine : The Carcano is one of two sniper rifles and the rather average standard variant. To get the sniper rifle you have to score 50 kills with the M.95 Carabine rifle and destroy five explosive devices.

  • Type 38 Arisaka : The Arisaka is a sniper rifle with a very high fury rate and a focus on short-range combat. To unlock the weapon, you must achieve 25 countersniping kills and eliminate 10 enemies in boats with sniper rifles


The second launch of Battlefield 1 has gone as well as the launch of the trial version and what to expect in the face of top scores . Nevertheless, not everything is perfect, which is why the developers on Twitter on fan questions and feedback on gameplay mechanics and Co. always point out that you are working on improvements. Be it rebounds, fl ying planes or other things – the devs have a few things left to do before they can sit back …

  • Rebound : Anyone who hits vehicles and does no damage has not brought the netcode to its limit, but has made his acquaintance with the rebound mechanics. But because there is virtually no feedback here, the devs are revising the feature completely. By the way, a primitive text overlay is not enough for them; In the future you will at least do some damage .
  • Missing joystick support : Support for joysticks is currently in the works . For too long you will not have to wait as a budding Red Baron.
  • Warp is evil : If you see fighters flying around you should not worry. The corresponding update with the fix comes very soon.
  • Inactive Squad Leader degrade : In Battlefield 4 and Hardline you can currently call for commands. If no command comes for some time, then the quasi-inactive squad leader is demoted. The feature will be coming soon in Battlefield 1.
  • Emblems : So far, emblems can only be created in the Companion App. Whether that will change in the future is still unknown. At least the feature does not exist on the corresponding website .