Anyone who has played the Alpha, Beta or Trail of Battlefield 1 may have noticed that the new Battlefield is a lot of fun. Even a look at Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or anywhere else should have shown even the last skeptic some time ago that the new DICE shooter arrives damn well. And so shocked the test reports that have surfaced today , which vary between 8 and perfect 10 out of 10 points, not a bit. Depending on the platform, Battlefield 1 stands on Metacritic at between 8.6 and 9.0 out of ten points.

In the test reports, every component of the game gets praise without end. Even the campaign – traditionally the vulnerability of Battlefield titles – is praised by the bank: The campaign consisting of the War Stories offer varied missions, good characters and a differentiated representation of the First World War. Minor weaknesses in narration, AI and the general lack of major changes awarded the testers almost unanimously.

For the multiplayer then the very large Lobkeule is unpacked: The changes and innovations would raise the Battlefield formula to a new level; Maps, modes and balance are excellent. Last but not least, the technique is praised as extraordinary. Small criticisms are the not just gigantic extent and things in which one is not necessarily agreed – too difficult entry, missing explanations and Co. are called.

Finally, the bottom line is generally top ratings, much praise and the statement that Battlefield 1, apart from technology, campaign, balance and Co. does one thing right, which counts the most: The fun. By the way, he is often compared to Battlefield Bad Company 2, which is well known to the press and community. So we can congratulate DICE for a top title and we love to do that …

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