The trial of Battlefield 1 is available, ten hours are felt to be too little, and we’ve thought in our boundless wisdom that we’ll give you some vital tips and tricks. More specifically, we’ll tell you how to deal with felt input lag and what you do about it, how to play the operations mode and what else can appear about bugs and problems and how to solve the problems. (And no, this is not going to be a terribly long article – Battlefield 1 is already in a very good technical condition, and it would only be a long article if we wrote down how important we are to spotting, reviving and so on …)

  • Input Lag Part 1 : Currently, V-Sync and DirectX12 in Battlefield 1 like to reduce the performance and thus the input lag. The way to enjoy the game is, of course, quite simple: disable DirectX12 and V-Sync.
  • Input Lag Part 2 : If you still have problems, it could be due to a small setting and your Field of View, which is higher than the default values. Make sure that the Aiming Down Sights Field of View (ADS FOV) also scales . To do this you simply have to set the setting under the “Field of View” slider to “On”.
  • Find operations : The Operatonen mode arrives very well; but you will not find anything in the server browser. Currently, you can only start operations if you go directly to the operation menu – right next to Matchmaking, Server Browser and Co. – and select an operation there.
  • Vehicles can not be controlled : If you can get in and out of vehicles, but can not drive or aim, the Origin Overlay has been activated in the game with Shift and F1. You solve the problem by stalking out of the game and then coming back in again.
  • Invisible weapon and do not shoot : There are reports, according to which the weapon is not visible or ready to fire after Revive. Here, a change from primary to secondary weapon and back or respawn helps. There is no recognizable reason for the bug; He rarely appears.
  • Performance issues : Some players report that their performance has deteriorated significantly compared to the beta. (Other players report improvements at the same time.) Details, causes or even a fix are not known yet. It is conceivable that optimized drivers fix the problems.
  • Did we forget something? Probably – but we have found no further reports. Just write in the comments, what you have problems …

By the way, you can already record one thing: Battlefield 1 will – if you do not play a patch with a thousand bugs after the trial version … – make a very good and clean launch. If you are worried about a ton of bugs, mistakes, problems and Co., you may relax …

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