Do you remember the time a few days ago when DICE announced what the servers in Battlefield 1 could do and secretly forgot to announce real details? The comment thread burned brightly and the (understandable) worries and fears especially of PC players knew no bounds. Amid worries, fears and accusations to anyone who did not cheer and pour oil into the fire, it was pretty much lost in the fact that it already had images from the beta with a filter overview . (And no, it was not up to us that the theme went down.)

Exactly the same filter functions can now be found in the trial version of Battlefield 1 , which is virtually identical to the release version. In general, filtering features are important to be able to filter out or specifically target server-customized servers. If DICE – despite the promise to do everything better than before … – So not at the last minute decides to throw out the appropriate features, then it should give the following features …

  • Deactivate classes, weapons and vehicles : Classes, vehicles and also weapon groups can be deactivated individually. Those who do not like elite classes will be able to play without elite classes.
  • Gameplay : You will be able to make a variety of gameplay adjustments. “Third-person” camera in vehicles, regenerative health, the HUD, Frienldy Fire, permanent fog, the kill-cam, mini-map spotting, 3D spotting and Nametags are individually activated and deactivated. A Classic mode is as acceptable as a hardcore mode.
  • Rules : You can adjust weapon damage, available tickets, respawn and vehicle respawn time.

In other words, if there is no negative surprise, then you will be able to adjust virtually everything that you have set about gameplay and Co. else always. Unclear are currently only a few things: To class and weapon limits, automatic ping kickers, Votekicks and the handling of bans and kicks is not yet known. However, in view of the functions we are quite optimistic that there will be good and comprehensive solutions also for the open points …