You panic at the thought of 1,353 mini-experience boosts when you hear only the word Battlepack? We can almost understand that; but almost everything changes in Battlefield 1. More specifically, there are three variants of Battlepack, it’s all about cosmetic things and those who do not feel like destroying the item and can get better battlepacks from the scrap later on. And what’s in the Battlepack, has to do with the time …

  • Three Battlepacks : There are three Battlepack variants in total: In addition to the normal version, there are also the Enhanced and Superior Battlepacks.
  • A battlepack please! You will get Battlepacks by chance when you finish a round.
  • Contents of all kinds : The normal battlepack usually contains an ordinary weapon skin and sometimes an XP boost or part of a melee weapon.
  • Destroy and get new : If you do not want an item, it can destroy it. With the resulting scrap you can buy Enhanced and Superior Battlepacks.
  • Swag : The really cool skins are of course in the better battlepacks. As you can see in the video, DICE has subtly withheld and created no skins that are really unrealistic.
  • New Content : There is never any content in Battlepacks available and there will be regular new content. By the way, if you open a Battlepack you can see what could be included.