Anyone who has expected that the trial of Battlefield 1 would start sometime on Thursday, may be happy: On the PC, the starting signal has already been made; Unfortunately, you have to wait a bit longer on the Xbox One. You do not need more than one active Origin Access Trial for trial participation. So that you start as well as possible, we have for you the ultimate overview of what you have to do where and how to finally get started …

UPDATE: Also on the Xbox One may now be gambled. For this you need EA Access ; the rest of the steps are the same as on the PC.

  • Get Origin Access : Origin Access costs just four euros, you get 10 percent off in the Origin Store and you can always unsubscribe with one click. The Vault comes with a stack of titles such as Battlefield 4 (with premium), the Mass Effect trilogy and Co. available.
  • Get the Trial : Get the trial version under Origin – Origin Access Trials.
  • Download it : The download is about 40 gigabytes in size. After completing the download, if you get the finished game … – Do not re-download Battlefield 1.
  • Play : You can now gamble for ten hours. Five multiplayer maps, all weapons, vehicles and a stack of modes – Conquest, Rush, Operations and Domination – are available as well as the first two campaign missions.
  • Everything counts : All progress made will be taken to the final version. However, the time in the menus or when loading a map to the ten hours of play time counts.

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