Battlefield 1 – Support for multiple monitors, unlimited frame rate & Co.

If you ‘re worried about what might go wrong with Battlefield 1 , then you may fear bugs, worry about gameplay, or worry about being a server admin on the PC , which is what DICE does in the end. The PC technology makes you rather less thought, because DICE shows here for a long time, how to do it – PC-exclusive features, a bombastic technique and Co., there are since the beginning of the Multiplplatform development at the Swedish developer studio. Even Battlefield 1, according to Origin , will not change this fixed standard.

Dedicated servers, support for multiple monitors, an unlimited frame rate, and – Server Admins beware – are promised on Origin – customization of game modes. At least since the beta that should not be a surprise anymore – even 5K resolutions (!) Were already possible in the Alpha. So we do not have to worry about the technical side. (And now we sacrifice something and pray that there will be no bugs.)