Starting on Thursday you will be able to play EA and Origin Access Battlefield 1 – real live gameplay of the launch version is thus only a few days away. Now DICE has announced that there will be a daily live stream for ten days from Wednesday on . In the stream, developers and well-known Youtuber and Stream will showcase various parts of the game to the world for the first time – from the singleplayer to all multiplayer maps and of course the modes, there will be really everything to see, which one could wish for.

  • Appointments : The live stream starts daily from 22:00 and ends at 24:00. The first appointment is the 12th of October. (Aka “this one day before Battlefield 1 can be gambled on in Origin and EA Access.” #FeelTheHype)
  • 10.- Trial Premiere : There is a preview of what you can play in the EA and Origin Access Trial on October 13th.
  • 13. – 64 players on Amiens s: 64 players will fight on the city map Amiens. (And everyone will be watching because the access trials are traditionally not started until 9pm and the download is due.)
  • 10. – Operation Squad Up : We have no idea what this is about. Teamplay maybe?
  • 15. – Through Mud and Blood : The first singleplayer mission – also included in the trial – will be played.
  • 10. – Operations Mode : The Operations Mode focuses on attacking or defending one after another on different battles. In the stream, it will finally give an overview of how exactly all this works.
  • 10. – Tips from DICE : DICE devs will give tips.
  • 18. – Early Enlisters Celebration : Because the Early Enlisters are allowed to start from this date, they celebrate and stream.
  • 10. – Meet the team : The Stream team will be the focus here. (If you are watching and do not play yourself …)
  • 10. – Squad Up ! It’s about squads again …
  • 10. – It’s a party! Battlefield 1 appears for everyone and we all are allowed to gamble. That too will be streamed …