What server options will Battlefield 1 offer? What settings and admin functions are available? Questions like these have been regularly asked in the last few weeks and days; Now there is the official answer from DICE : You will be able to rent your own servers directly from DICE as well as customize gameplay options, map rotations and more. The start of the corresponding program starts shortly after the launch; to do this you will add new features and functions based on player feedback.

  • Renting a server : Shortly after the launch one will be able to rent servers directly from DICE in-game. DICE expects the exclusion of previous third-party vendors that the server hardware will always be of the highest quality and that the playability and experience is the same.
  • The customization options : On your own server, you can customize the map rotation, the game modes, various gameplay settings and “more”. With deactivatable 3D spotting, health regeneration, classes, weather effects, elite classes and more in beta, there are already a few examples of what will be possible.
  • More is coming : DICE has announced to add more features and functionality based on player feedback and requests.

For Konsoleros, there are already a few more features than before. However, PC gamers will have to say goodbye to the third-party server servers as well as the foreseeable number of RCON tools, which of course raises questions: will automatic kicks be enabled for high-pinger players? Will individual weapons be disabled? Will there be gun or class limits? How exactly will kicks, bans and votekicks be treated and work? The answers to these questions will determine very much how clans and player communities will see Battlefield 1 on the PC. We are excited and hope for fast and comprehensive answers …