Battlefield 4 – That’s why night variants of Siege of Shanghai and Goldmud Railway did not appear

Some time ago, a night variant of Siege of Shanghai and Goldmud Railway appeared in Battlefield 4’s Community Test Environment; There were several always better looking and better and better playing versions and then it was very quiet. Now, a developer of DICE LA has commented shortly after the release of Battlefield 1 on the subject and betrayed why the two night variants have not appeared and why you should probably make no hope in the future. (If you have not completely lost in Battlefield 1 anyway .)

More precisely , there were three reasons . Mainly responsible were performance issues on Xbox360 and Playstation 3 and the small fact that it was contractually obliged to bring the night variants on the old consoles. Even if the perfromance problems had been fixed, the maps would have needed a lot of work and the visuals would have been different in the Community Test Environment. Last but not least, the lighting artist was tired of traffic in Los Angeles and quit.

Battlefield 1- Lösungen für Abstürze, Freezes, DirectX-Fehler & Mehr

Selbst wenn Battlefield 1 sich auf die Fahnen schreiben darf, den besten Launch in der Seriengeschichte gehabt zu haben, klagen einige Spieler über diverse ernste Probleme. Von Abstürzen über temporäre Framedrops oder Freezes bis hin zu Lags haben wir für euch die nette kleine Übersicht über alles, was man unbedingt wissen muss und sollte, damit die Probleme möglichst erfolgreich im Zaum gehalten werden können. Wir wünschen viel Spaß und vor allem Erfolg bei der Bug-Jagd…

  • Allgemein – Treiber: Achtet darauf, dass ihr die aktuellsten Treiber verwendet. Wichtig: Grade bei Nvidia-Karten berichten Spieler mit älteren Modellen, dass der jetzt drittälteste Treiber besser läuft als die Versionen davor.
  • Crashes – DirectX-Absturz: Viele Spieler berichten, dass die DirectX-Crashes vom Origin-Ingame-Overlay verursacht werden. Deaktiviert es bei Problemen einfach inklusive aller Notifications.
  • Framedrops und Freezes – Prozessorkerne aktivieren: Battlefield 1 ist gerade im Multiplayer ein sehr anspruchsvolles Spiel, das gerade den Prozessor sehr belastet. Manchmal deaktiviert Windows einige Prozessorkerne, um Strom zu sparen. Mit diversen Tools lassen sich alle Kerne aktivieren.
  • Framedrops und Freezes – Framerate-Limit: Wenn das Spiel immer wieder kurz stehenbleibt oder die Framerate sehr ungleichmäßig ist und der Prozessor andauernd voll ausgelastet wird, dann kann das auch daran liegen, dass euer Prozessor überlastet wird. Limitiert in diesem Fall die Framerate im Spiel, indem ihr im „Battlefield 1“-Order eine Datei namens „user.cfg“ rstellt. Tragt hier „gametime.maxvariablefps 60“ und „RenderDevice.RenderAheadLimit 1“ ein. (Oder ersetzt die 60 durch irgendeine andere FPS-Zahl, die euch passt.)
  • Framderops auf NVIDIA – Kein Shadowplay aktivieren: Wer Shadowplay aktiviert hat, sieht teilweise extreme Framedrops. Deaktiviert das Aufnahme-Tool in den Einstellungen.
  • Crashes – Speicherbeschränkung: Wenn ihr Abstürze habt, kann es helfen, die Speicherbeschränkung – unter Optionen – Video – Advanced ganz oben zu finden – ein- oder auszuschalten.
  • Tipps – DirectX 12: Während DirectX 12 bei einigen Spielern die Framerate zusammenschrumpfen lässt, haben andere mit DirectX 12 deutlich mehr Blder pro Sekunde. Probiert einfach aus, was bei euch besser funktioniert.
  • Tipps – Nicht übertakten: Einige Spieler berichten, dass die Abstürze von übertakteter Hardware ausgelöst werden. Wenn keiner der genannten Tipps hilft, könnt ihr die Taktraten also auf Werkseinstellungen zurücksetzen.
  • Optik – Grafik-Glitches: Wer beim Zoomen in Amiens plözlich alles nur gelb, grün oder blau sieht und geblendet wird, soll die Lightning-Einstellung unabhängig vom Rest auf Ultra stellen. Hier ist ein Restart nötig, damit der Fix funktioniert.


Battlefield and Singleplayer has in the past mostly matched as well together as Schalke 04 and Meisterschale, Donald Trump and reputable (or honest, well-styled and with a high Flesch index) or this introduction and no annoyed comment of a person who sees things differently or us now stupid finds. (We can handle that, by the way.) With Battlefield 1 , though, that has changed: The War Stories are praised by the bank for the stories, and the gameplay and gaming experience is coming along well. These are good news for you if you really want to have seven skins …

What you have to do for the skins is quite simple: play the mission and collect all the field manuals and get all the codex entries. Or to put it another way: Apart from fulfilling the mission regardless of the level of difficulty, you must collect the collectibles and complete certain challenges. Quite simply that is not imme – some challenges have it all. Shooting 10 planes in 30 seconds, for example, is not easy. The rewards – which are only available for one weapon – look pretty damn cool …


The first patch for Battlefield 1 appears quite subtly surprising today . Even if the traditional patch Tuesday this time falls on Monday, another tradition remains: DICE will take the respective platform for an hour offline for the update – multiplayer matches are not possible at this time. Incidentally, details about the content are currently missing completely. If we had to bet, we’d expect a fix for rubberbanding on some aviators, some pending content like dog tags for Battlefield Insider and Co. as well as a few minor bug fixes and optimizations.

  • PC : The PC starts punctually at 8:00 o’clock.
  • Xbox One : The Microsoft console follows at 9:00.
  • Playstation 4 : The Sony console is last tuned and gets the patch from 10:00 clock.

If you have planned a relaxed gamers session today, then you have to live with downtime; You can also test the new patch first as a balance. The changelog will appear in the official forum during the course of the day and then …


If you had to describe the last two weeks of Battlefield 1 in terms of the trial version, positive reviews and the release in a nutshell, then you could say it was a very nice two weeks for fans and DICE. Now, the first really verifiable numbers fit: After many fans had their Friday evening game on a DNS provider – including downtimes from Amazon, Spotify and Co. – Battlefield 1 is now on Saturday night set the first record: over 800,000 players were distributed across the platforms simultaneously active.

Thus, the beta record – it was the most successful beta of EA and Battlefield history with over 13 million players – was broken by 796,000 simultaneously active players as well as the launch record of Battlefield 4 from the launch week, where just less than half Million players was active at the same time. The strongest platform is once again the Playstation 4 (up to 360,000 players), followed by some distance then Xbox One (260,000) and PC (190,000).

In other words, there are big numbers to marvel at, servers that hold and if players keep going the way it looks, then tomorrow we can update the brand “Battlefield 1 cracks for the first time a million simultaneously active players.” Until then we just play a few rounds …


If you have the Battlefield 1 Companion app or you go to the official site, you can customize the logo displayed on the game to suit your mood. (Incidentally, there is also trouble for correspondingly illegal emblems, so do not build nonsense …) Now it became known what the emblems bring off the Killcam: They are always visible on the weapon. Because pink unicorns on the weapon do not coincide directly with the setting, the developers have found an authentic solution: The emblems are engraved on the weapons.

What that looks like you can admire on the screens below these lines. The solution fits the setting at least definitely and in any case. Now only someone has to make a fitting Battlefieldseries logo …


Some time ago it was announced that rentable servers will be coming in Battlefield 1 shortly after release in November. Now, after a fairly positive look at the features , more information has surfaced: PC gamers pay a bit more than consoleros (but less than third-party vendors) and players can not kick and ban right to the start of the rentable servers. These functions should then be added shortly thereafter.

1 day: $ 2.99
7 days: $ 11.99
30 days: $ 42.99
90 days: $ 99.99
180 days: $ 149.99

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
1 day: $ 1.99
7 days: $ 7.99
30 days: $ 26.99
90 days: $ 64.99
180 days: $ 99.99

We do not want to do a lot of public opinion here. But it is noticeable in various things, even off the server, that DICE has apparently chosen the safe way: Instead of pressing features semi-finished in the game, the functions such as J oystick support, degradable Squad Leader and Co. are slightly after the launch patch patched , The result is an extremely stable and clean launch, but also the lack of various functions. The disappointment about the missing functions – just kicks and bans are central for the server administration … – but it is also there of course. At least the community can directly influence the development via feedback.a


You have not bought a Deluxe or Early Enlister Edition of Battlefield 1 and still want to get started as fast as possible? Then we have good news and bad news: Officially, this is only possible from midnight on Friday. However, because we usually have to work on fridays, college, or school, or we’re just tired at night, that’s not necessarily the best option. However, there is a possibility to gamble at 15:00 on Thursday – nine hours before the official release … – You just have to pretend to Origin that the game has already been released in your country. This brings us back to the beautiful VPN guide that we have typed in the last Battlefield launches …

  • Finish Origin : At the start of your premature journey to Battlefield 1, you will close Origin.
  • Get VPN … : Get any VPN client. Here is a list of free clients . Even apart from these VPN providers, it is always sufficient to use a free trial account. Then launch the client and select a server in a country where Battlefield 1 is already available. Incidentally, Australia will start at 15:00 German time.
  • … or use a proxy : The alternative is to search for proxy in the start menu, select the topmost option and simply enter a usurical server value .
  • Start Origin : As soon as you have activated your proxy or VPN, you will start Origin again – this can of course take a little bit longer because all your data are currently being processed via the Australian server.
  • Start Battlefield 1 : You can now start Battlefield 1. The release check is easily overcome and you can gamble – in addition to the single player, the entire multiplayer is open to you.
  • In a nutshell : As soon as you are in the menu, you quit the VPN client or delete the proxy address. Now you also have correspondingly fast Internet.
  • Maybe change the password : If you want to be completely sure, change your password at the end of the gamers session.


At least half of the maps and a whole bunch of weapons from Battlefield 1’s “Turning Tides” DC will be released in December . Thanks to the tests in the Community Test Environment, there is now not only the information about which six weapons you can unlock and what the – about, as balance changes are of course still possible … – but also what assignments for the first real submachine gun of World or a sniper rifle for close combat must do. Multikills, mad screwdrivers and naked hatred for all swimmers will be part of December’s standard repertoire for all players …

  • M1917 Trench Carbine : The full-blown version of the pilot’s weapon is the DLC’s first new Assault weapon and a fairly average addition to the Assault class. To get the new weapon you have to score 25 headshots with the Automatico 1918 Storm and get ten multikills.

  • Submachine gun M1912 / P.16 : This is one of two new weapons for the Assault and incidentally also the first real submachine gun in the world. In order to get the weapon with the very high rate of fire – which is balanced by a small magazine and a short range – you must achieve 50 fences with the Mauser M1917 Trench Carbine and destroy five boats with Rocket Guns.

  • Farquhar Hill : There is a new semi-automatic rifle for the Medic with a fairly large magazine, medium damage and a fairly average rate of fire. There are two variants planned.

    • Stability : For the Stability variant – which is also good to use on the move – you have to score 50 kills with the M1907 SL Trench and revive ten competitors in one round.

    • Range : The range version is better to use distance and is also more accurate. For this variant you need 25 headshots with the Mondragon Sniper and 15 kills of floating enemies with the Medic’s Selfloading Rifles.

  • M1917 MG : The famous machine gun will be available in two variants in Battlefield 1 in the future. Both versions will come with a 250-round magazine and should perform very well in the fight against aircraft and in the defense of bottlenecks. The long firing time to overheating is balanced by a fairly low rate of firing.

    • Low Weight : You get the standard version for 50 kills with the BAR 1918 Trench. However, causing 200 damage with the wrenches on enemy vehicles is likely to be a little more difficult.

    • Telescopic : The rifle-equipped version of the Brwoning is available for 50 kills with the Huot Leightweight and 300 points for suppression.

  • Carcano M91 Carbine : The Carcano is one of two sniper rifles and the rather average standard variant. To get the sniper rifle you have to score 50 kills with the M.95 Carabine rifle and destroy five explosive devices.

  • Type 38 Arisaka : The Arisaka is a sniper rifle with a very high fury rate and a focus on short-range combat. To unlock the weapon, you must achieve 25 countersniping kills and eliminate 10 enemies in boats with sniper rifles


The second launch of Battlefield 1 has gone as well as the launch of the trial version and what to expect in the face of top scores . Nevertheless, not everything is perfect, which is why the developers on Twitter on fan questions and feedback on gameplay mechanics and Co. always point out that you are working on improvements. Be it rebounds, fl ying planes or other things – the devs have a few things left to do before they can sit back …

  • Rebound : Anyone who hits vehicles and does no damage has not brought the netcode to its limit, but has made his acquaintance with the rebound mechanics. But because there is virtually no feedback here, the devs are revising the feature completely. By the way, a primitive text overlay is not enough for them; In the future you will at least do some damage .
  • Missing joystick support : Support for joysticks is currently in the works . For too long you will not have to wait as a budding Red Baron.
  • Warp is evil : If you see fighters flying around you should not worry. The corresponding update with the fix comes very soon.
  • Inactive Squad Leader degrade : In Battlefield 4 and Hardline you can currently call for commands. If no command comes for some time, then the quasi-inactive squad leader is demoted. The feature will be coming soon in Battlefield 1.
  • Emblems : So far, emblems can only be created in the Companion App. Whether that will change in the future is still unknown. At least the feature does not exist on the corresponding website .


So far, it was only known that Battlefield 1 would be played with standard presets and the fears were that there would be no other server presets. In plain language that would mean: There is a fixed attitude around regenerating health, spotting and Co. on all servers. After we recently reported that Battlefield 1 offers quite a few server setting options, two game variants have now been officially announced: In addition to the hardcore mode, there will be the “Fog of War” mode soon (# Soon ™).

In other words, anyone who does not feel like HUD, regenerating life energy and Co., will soon find corresponding servers. There’s a lot of fog in the “Fog of War” variant and a bigger focus on close combat. An official date for the launch of these servers is still pending.


Anyone who has played the Alpha, Beta or Trail of Battlefield 1 may have noticed that the new Battlefield is a lot of fun. Even a look at Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or anywhere else should have shown even the last skeptic some time ago that the new DICE shooter arrives damn well. And so shocked the test reports that have surfaced today , which vary between 8 and perfect 10 out of 10 points, not a bit. Depending on the platform, Battlefield 1 stands on Metacritic at between 8.6 and 9.0 out of ten points.

In the test reports, every component of the game gets praise without end. Even the campaign – traditionally the vulnerability of Battlefield titles – is praised by the bank: The campaign consisting of the War Stories offer varied missions, good characters and a differentiated representation of the First World War. Minor weaknesses in narration, AI and the general lack of major changes awarded the testers almost unanimously.

For the multiplayer then the very large Lobkeule is unpacked: The changes and innovations would raise the Battlefield formula to a new level; Maps, modes and balance are excellent. Last but not least, the technique is praised as extraordinary. Small criticisms are the not just gigantic extent and things in which one is not necessarily agreed – too difficult entry, missing explanations and Co. are called.

Finally, the bottom line is generally top ratings, much praise and the statement that Battlefield 1, apart from technology, campaign, balance and Co. does one thing right, which counts the most: The fun. By the way, he is often compared to Battlefield Bad Company 2, which is well known to the press and community. So we can congratulate DICE for a top title and we love to do that …


The trial of Battlefield 1 is available, ten hours are felt to be too little, and we’ve thought in our boundless wisdom that we’ll give you some vital tips and tricks. More specifically, we’ll tell you how to deal with felt input lag and what you do about it, how to play the operations mode and what else can appear about bugs and problems and how to solve the problems. (And no, this is not going to be a terribly long article – Battlefield 1 is already in a very good technical condition, and it would only be a long article if we wrote down how important we are to spotting, reviving and so on …)

  • Input Lag Part 1 : Currently, V-Sync and DirectX12 in Battlefield 1 like to reduce the performance and thus the input lag. The way to enjoy the game is, of course, quite simple: disable DirectX12 and V-Sync.
  • Input Lag Part 2 : If you still have problems, it could be due to a small setting and your Field of View, which is higher than the default values. Make sure that the Aiming Down Sights Field of View (ADS FOV) also scales . To do this you simply have to set the setting under the “Field of View” slider to “On”.
  • Find operations : The Operatonen mode arrives very well; but you will not find anything in the server browser. Currently, you can only start operations if you go directly to the operation menu – right next to Matchmaking, Server Browser and Co. – and select an operation there.
  • Vehicles can not be controlled : If you can get in and out of vehicles, but can not drive or aim, the Origin Overlay has been activated in the game with Shift and F1. You solve the problem by stalking out of the game and then coming back in again.
  • Invisible weapon and do not shoot : There are reports, according to which the weapon is not visible or ready to fire after Revive. Here, a change from primary to secondary weapon and back or respawn helps. There is no recognizable reason for the bug; He rarely appears.
  • Performance issues : Some players report that their performance has deteriorated significantly compared to the beta. (Other players report improvements at the same time.) Details, causes or even a fix are not known yet. It is conceivable that optimized drivers fix the problems.
  • Did we forget something? Probably – but we have found no further reports. Just write in the comments, what you have problems …

By the way, you can already record one thing: Battlefield 1 will – if you do not play a patch with a thousand bugs after the trial version … – make a very good and clean launch. If you are worried about a ton of bugs, mistakes, problems and Co., you may relax …


Do you remember the time a few days ago when DICE announced what the servers in Battlefield 1 could do and secretly forgot to announce real details? The comment thread burned brightly and the (understandable) worries and fears especially of PC players knew no bounds. Amid worries, fears and accusations to anyone who did not cheer and pour oil into the fire, it was pretty much lost in the fact that it already had images from the beta with a filter overview . (And no, it was not up to us that the theme went down.)

Exactly the same filter functions can now be found in the trial version of Battlefield 1 , which is virtually identical to the release version. In general, filtering features are important to be able to filter out or specifically target server-customized servers. If DICE – despite the promise to do everything better than before … – So not at the last minute decides to throw out the appropriate features, then it should give the following features …

  • Deactivate classes, weapons and vehicles : Classes, vehicles and also weapon groups can be deactivated individually. Those who do not like elite classes will be able to play without elite classes.
  • Gameplay : You will be able to make a variety of gameplay adjustments. “Third-person” camera in vehicles, regenerative health, the HUD, Frienldy Fire, permanent fog, the kill-cam, mini-map spotting, 3D spotting and Nametags are individually activated and deactivated. A Classic mode is as acceptable as a hardcore mode.
  • Rules : You can adjust weapon damage, available tickets, respawn and vehicle respawn time.

In other words, if there is no negative surprise, then you will be able to adjust virtually everything that you have set about gameplay and Co. else always. Unclear are currently only a few things: To class and weapon limits, automatic ping kickers, Votekicks and the handling of bans and kicks is not yet known. However, in view of the functions we are quite optimistic that there will be good and comprehensive solutions also for the open points …


You panic at the thought of 1,353 mini-experience boosts when you hear only the word Battlepack? We can almost understand that; but almost everything changes in Battlefield 1. More specifically, there are three variants of Battlepack, it’s all about cosmetic things and those who do not feel like destroying the item and can get better battlepacks from the scrap later on. And what’s in the Battlepack, has to do with the time …

  • Three Battlepacks : There are three Battlepack variants in total: In addition to the normal version, there are also the Enhanced and Superior Battlepacks.
  • A battlepack please! You will get Battlepacks by chance when you finish a round.
  • Contents of all kinds : The normal battlepack usually contains an ordinary weapon skin and sometimes an XP boost or part of a melee weapon.
  • Destroy and get new : If you do not want an item, it can destroy it. With the resulting scrap you can buy Enhanced and Superior Battlepacks.
  • Swag : The really cool skins are of course in the better battlepacks. As you can see in the video, DICE has subtly withheld and created no skins that are really unrealistic.
  • New Content : There is never any content in Battlepacks available and there will be regular new content. By the way, if you open a Battlepack you can see what could be included.


Anyone who has expected that the trial of Battlefield 1 would start sometime on Thursday, may be happy: On the PC, the starting signal has already been made; Unfortunately, you have to wait a bit longer on the Xbox One. You do not need more than one active Origin Access Trial for trial participation. So that you start as well as possible, we have for you the ultimate overview of what you have to do where and how to finally get started …

UPDATE: Also on the Xbox One may now be gambled. For this you need EA Access ; the rest of the steps are the same as on the PC.

  • Get Origin Access : Origin Access costs just four euros, you get 10 percent off in the Origin Store and you can always unsubscribe with one click. The Vault comes with a stack of titles such as Battlefield 4 (with premium), the Mass Effect trilogy and Co. available.
  • Get the Trial : Get the trial version under Origin – Origin Access Trials.
  • Download it : The download is about 40 gigabytes in size. After completing the download, if you get the finished game … – Do not re-download Battlefield 1.
  • Play : You can now gamble for ten hours. Five multiplayer maps, all weapons, vehicles and a stack of modes – Conquest, Rush, Operations and Domination – are available as well as the first two campaign missions.
  • Everything counts : All progress made will be taken to the final version. However, the time in the menus or when loading a map to the ten hours of play time counts.

Battlefield 1 – Support for multiple monitors, unlimited frame rate & Co.

If you ‘re worried about what might go wrong with Battlefield 1 , then you may fear bugs, worry about gameplay, or worry about being a server admin on the PC , which is what DICE does in the end. The PC technology makes you rather less thought, because DICE shows here for a long time, how to do it – PC-exclusive features, a bombastic technique and Co., there are since the beginning of the Multiplplatform development at the Swedish developer studio. Even Battlefield 1, according to Origin , will not change this fixed standard.

Dedicated servers, support for multiple monitors, an unlimited frame rate, and – Server Admins beware – are promised on Origin – customization of game modes. At least since the beta that should not be a surprise anymore – even 5K resolutions (!) Were already possible in the Alpha. So we do not have to worry about the technical side. (And now we sacrifice something and pray that there will be no bugs.)


Starting on Thursday you will be able to play EA and Origin Access Battlefield 1 – real live gameplay of the launch version is thus only a few days away. Now DICE has announced that there will be a daily live stream for ten days from Wednesday on . In the stream, developers and well-known Youtuber and Stream will showcase various parts of the game to the world for the first time – from the singleplayer to all multiplayer maps and of course the modes, there will be really everything to see, which one could wish for.

  • Appointments : The live stream starts daily from 22:00 and ends at 24:00. The first appointment is the 12th of October. (Aka “this one day before Battlefield 1 can be gambled on in Origin and EA Access.” #FeelTheHype)
  • 10.- Trial Premiere : There is a preview of what you can play in the EA and Origin Access Trial on October 13th.
  • 13. – 64 players on Amiens s: 64 players will fight on the city map Amiens. (And everyone will be watching because the access trials are traditionally not started until 9pm and the download is due.)
  • 10. – Operation Squad Up : We have no idea what this is about. Teamplay maybe?
  • 15. – Through Mud and Blood : The first singleplayer mission – also included in the trial – will be played.
  • 10. – Operations Mode : The Operations Mode focuses on attacking or defending one after another on different battles. In the stream, it will finally give an overview of how exactly all this works.
  • 10. – Tips from DICE : DICE devs will give tips.
  • 18. – Early Enlisters Celebration : Because the Early Enlisters are allowed to start from this date, they celebrate and stream.
  • 10. – Meet the team : The Stream team will be the focus here. (If you are watching and do not play yourself …)
  • 10. – Squad Up ! It’s about squads again …
  • 10. – It’s a party! Battlefield 1 appears for everyone and we all are allowed to gamble. That too will be streamed …


What server options will Battlefield 1 offer? What settings and admin functions are available? Questions like these have been regularly asked in the last few weeks and days; Now there is the official answer from DICE : You will be able to rent your own servers directly from DICE as well as customize gameplay options, map rotations and more. The start of the corresponding program starts shortly after the launch; to do this you will add new features and functions based on player feedback.

  • Renting a server : Shortly after the launch one will be able to rent servers directly from DICE in-game. DICE expects the exclusion of previous third-party vendors that the server hardware will always be of the highest quality and that the playability and experience is the same.
  • The customization options : On your own server, you can customize the map rotation, the game modes, various gameplay settings and “more”. With deactivatable 3D spotting, health regeneration, classes, weather effects, elite classes and more in beta, there are already a few examples of what will be possible.
  • More is coming : DICE has announced to add more features and functionality based on player feedback and requests.

For Konsoleros, there are already a few more features than before. However, PC gamers will have to say goodbye to the third-party server servers as well as the foreseeable number of RCON tools, which of course raises questions: will automatic kicks be enabled for high-pinger players? Will individual weapons be disabled? Will there be gun or class limits? How exactly will kicks, bans and votekicks be treated and work? The answers to these questions will determine very much how clans and player communities will see Battlefield 1 on the PC. We are excited and hope for fast and comprehensive answers …