The Beta of Battlefield 1 continues to run unchanged, feedback is accumulating tons of tons and from time to time we still can not completely shake off the terrible feeling that one or the other player is not quite sure what he is doing there. That’s why we have the ultimate guide to make you truly successful in the end and not end up as a parched skeleton in the sandstorm. Be it the gunplay, the class selection or tips and tricks for the vehicles – here is the overview, so you are very successful. By the way , for general information we recommend a look into our Survival Guide – once again we do not explain to you how it goes with the spawning of vehicles and vehicle classes …

Which class should I play?
Actually you always have the free choice, which class you want to play. Each class offers its own weapons, special abilities and gadgets. It’s important to know how to unlock new gear and when to play what …

  • Bug-Free : Many class-specific weapons and gadgets require class ranks. That means: play with the class and everything will be fine. Unfortunately, this is only half true: It will only be good if you go regularly from the server. In the beta, the class progress is sometimes not stored correctly – a change of the server helps, so it goes on.
  • Assault for melee and vehicle combat : The Assault is intended for close combat. Shotguns and submachine guns cut cleanly at short range; At long distances, the weapons are very inaccurate and do very little damage – from 20 or 25 meters would be felt cotton balls also an option. There are with dynamite (does not hang and can be gewofen), the armored rifle (only with support for the Bi-Pod firing) and Co. powerful weapons to crack vehicles. But that’s not easy – tanks are powerful and deadly vehicles in Battlefield 1. As long as you stay in town, you can always play the assault.
  • Support to keep on top : The support uses LMGs and should set – apart from the distribution of ammunition and the laying of mines … – on continuous fire and half-high cover. With continuous fire, LMGs become more accurate; The Bi-Pod is placed automatically as soon as you lie down or a half-height cover is in front of you. Run and Gun is not a good tactic.
  • Medic to revive : The Medic is a bit harder to play – mainly because the DMRs are sometimes semi-automatic and require a correspondingly good weapon mastery and accuracy. For this you can fight on virtually any distance successfully; With a little patience and cover you can clean up properly. The grenade launcher can also do enemies well; Of course the medipack and the reviving syringe are extremely important to the team.
  • Sniper for the distance : Sniping is pretty easy in Battlefield 1 and very satisfying. However, you have to get closer to the enemy and in the sunshine reveals a shining riflescope. By the way, with the telescope you can mark enemies, which are displayed as silhouettes for your own team. With his K-Bullets, the sniper can make the opposing team desperate and disable their vehicles.

The Gunplay
The Gunplay of Battlefield 1 confused currently one or the other experienced players. To blame are various design decisions that are primarily to ensure that the classes and weapons have clearly defined strengths and weaknesses.

  • You should almost never set on continuous fire : continuous fire is almost forgotten up to LMGs. From a certain amount of bullets fired in sustained fire, the spread becomes so great that you do not even hit a barn door yourself.
  • You should forget tap-firing : So far, tap-firing has been an oft-used tactic in Battlefield. It shoots single shots as quickly as possible and the game rewarded with high accuracy. This no longer works in Battlefield 1: you must now get to know the characteristics of your weapon and rely on shorter or longer bursts of fire, depending on the weapon.
  • Permanent fire for LMGs : LMGs should always be used in continuous fire unlike the other weapons. Similar to Battlefield 2142, the spread on sustained fire decreases and the LMGs become more accurate. That may be unrealistic; but fits perfectly with the weapon class. You should use the Bi-Pod whenever possible.
  • Watch the sniper distance: Each sniper rifle has a distance that is considered optimal. At this distance, a body shot is deadly. If you are at the right distance from your target, you will get lighter kills.
  • Pay attention to the distance : In general, it is very important to pay attention to the distance. The assault has to go close; The Medic may choose it and the sniper must pay attention anyway thanks to the above-mentioned specificity.

Which vehicle should I use?
The Beta offers in addition to horses and transport vehicles seven real combat vehicles. Three planes (Attack Plane, Bomber and Fighter Plane) and four ground vehicles (Light Tank, Landship, Heavy Tank and Artillery Truck) leave little to be desired; There are three adaptations per vehicle.

  • Easy choice : Once you have selected a vehicle in the spawn menu, it is considered as occupied by you. Now you have the opportunity to customize it.
  • Pay attention to the situation : One of the most important things is to look at the game situation. If you want to fly and see that the opponents have air superiority, you should not bet on the bomber; If you see that the opponents are superior on the ground, you should get a vehicle equipped for the fight against ground units. The same applies to armored vehicles. Which vehicle setup you take depends on your preferences – in general the setups take little. Incidentally, the weather can also put you on the wrong track – poor visibility is very bad for airmen and also bad for tanks.
  • Bombs is rare : The bomber you should only get if you have the air superiority or two good gunners support you. That does not happen so often.
  • Passengers : Take care of the tanks that you take passengers. Just the area between the flags at the base and the two central flags in the city offers very little coverage.
  • Slightly broken : The Artillery Truck nasty clean; He is broken for that too fast. Two or three bullet hits make him explode.
  • Use the tools : tanks can lay mines, drop health packs, and do more. Take advantage of that.
  • Fixed : If you get damaged, pull back and use the repair. You are not allowed to be hit.

The fight against vehicles
One of the most phrased assertions is that especially the tanks in Battlefield 1 are too strong. This really applies in the case of the light tank in beta; But it is not really dramatic here either. With a little skill you have no problems either way.

  • Watch out for cover : If the enemy can not see you, then he can not hurt you – he does not know you’re here. So hide accordingly and pay attention to the line of sight.
  • Lonely attacks lead to lonely graves : Who alone (or sometimes in pairs) attacks a tank, has a problem. That may have worked in Battlefield 4; that simply does not work in Battlefield 1. Never attack tanks on their own. Sometimes it may be wiser to simply let a tank go away instead of attacking it.
  • Use Your Equipment : Use all the equipment you have next to cover. Even a Landship can not do anything against five or more opponents who attack it together.
  • Prevents Repair : Prevents vehicles from being able to retract and repair under all circumstances. You have to damage them further. Especially the sniper’s armored rifle and K-bullets have a very important role to play as they can attack the tank from a great distance.

A battlefield with frontlines and angles
Sinai Desert is according to statements of various game changers with the map in Battlefield 1, the least they like. With a few tips and tricks you can still have fun …

  • Three times two flags : Actually, the map is strictly symmetrical: on one side the open desert, on the other side the steep cliff and three times two pairs of flags.
  • The two flags close to their own base : The two flags on the own base are reached quickly and easily taken. Generally there are height differences, a lot of cover and you can operate well with vehicles. Make sure that these flags are not stolen by the enemy.
  • The two central flags : The two central flags are located in the middle of the city. Important to know: While the flag environment offers a lot of cover, the way does not do it. Between the flags near the base and the city, there is a fairly open area that snipers love. Put on vans here and most of all do not run wild. In the city then dominates the house fight – in addition to spotting it is important to pay attention to the ambient noise due to lack of sound spotting.
  • The flag in the desert : The flag in the desert is intended primarily for aircraft that they can take. If you do not have a vehicle, then just forget it – the way is long and you’re an easy target for airmen, tanks, snipers and probably even scorpions, if there were.

Important other things
We wrote down a few more things for you …

  • Horses are good for a surprise : horses can be fun and provide surprises. Generally, you do not have to use them – you will become a much bigger target despite the speed gain.
  • Melee : If you land in close combat, then try to hurt the enemy in close combat and then use a melee attack.
  • Screamer : Who uses the bayonet attack cries it. Because most opponents are deaf, you can still use this especially from behind.
  • Playing in the squad : Plays always Squad. In addition to bonus points, your comrades often spawn with you and you are not alone.
  • Elite Classes : The elite classes are strong but not invincible. They always spawn in the same places.
  • Spotting saves lives : And by that we do not just mean our lives, because we do not have a heart attack with anger.

Bugs and things that change to the release
A few things in beta are still banned. Here is an overview of what will change.

  • Strong rider : Those who descend from the horse and use the rider equipment have too many health points in the beta.
  • Too strong a light tank : The light tank is too strong in the beta. That will change for the launch.
  • Mini Icons : Many icons are too small and can not – yet … – not be customized. This is not nice for Medics.
  • Targeted and not hit : Diverse vehicles have even smaller bugs with the target device – balls sometimes go wrong.

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