Recently, rumors surfaced that Battlefield 1 would no longer offer the option to rent or fully administer its own servers . On Twitter, there was still no exact denial; The developers point out, however, that firstly, custom games are considered important and that the excitement was based on very little information. According to DICE LA Producer David Sirland, the question is generally what exactly is planned and whether there will not be any further details.

You know, for example, very well that the current “Official Server” setup m ore than just be a bit error prone and care, especially in terms of cheaters to problems. The topic will therefore definitely not be ignored. The issue of custom games – the famous rules for servers that rumors might be missing – is as familiar to developers as the fact that it’s very important to the community to want players to have it , At the same time, you want to make sure that players who want a standard gaming experience do not end up on custom servers.

However, the developers will not reveal further details yet. Except for the promise that it will be “soon”, there is no information on exactly when the devs reveal what they are going to do about server admin rights, rentable servers, and the like. So we all still need a little patience. For admin friends but probably once comforting: After the end of private servers with their own rules, the statements do not listen. # Soon ™