The first speculation that Battlefield 1 might not get any rentable servers – or rentable servers as they are known to date – is already a few weeks old. Now, in a conversation with an ex-developer, further indications have emerged that this could possibly change something compared to the previous standard. One to January 2016 at DICE for the server technology responsible developer has at least made appropriate suggestions made by other Community Representatives as DICE behind closed doors as confirmed are called.

Therefore , there could be no “bad servers with stupid rules and bullshit plugins” for Battlefield 1 . To get this done, DICE could go two ways: no longer offering rentable servers or offering rentable servers; but restrict the admin rights. Elsewhere comes the claim that there are no corresponding limitations planned and instead only server providers would spread rumors because they are not on board for Battlefield 1. (Note: In order to offer servers for current Battlefield titles, the server provider must have a contract with DICE.) However, a few posts later this is again denied and the statement directly to DICElocates. Corresponding plans for more DICE-regulated servers have been around for some time .

So far, so forum posts with a well-known ex-developer of DICE. Currently we only know about servers at Battlefield 1 that they are dedicated servers, that 60 Hertz is the new tickrate standard and that there is definitely a server browser. Everything else is unconfirmed and unknown. If one disregards now to classify the information that nothing of it is officially confirmed, then it looks like a very small (limited admin options) to very large (no admin options at all) incision for clans and community.

If there are rentable servers; but the admin options are limited, then the result would be somewhat similar to what one currently finds on the consoles: Kick and ban is in it, map rotations are customizable and you generally have options to administer the server. At the same time things like plugins to kick for weapons, shoutouts and co., However flat. As soon as there are no rentable servers or admin options, it should of course come to more serious problems – Cheater, Glitcher and Co. could let off steam. The clan and gaming community landscape in the Battlefield world would not do the latter any good.

At the same time, especially the limitations of the admin options currently available on the PC would ensure a more consistent gaming experience and would not allow the regular player “silly rules,” auto-kick features, and the like. At the same time, it does make sense to work with appropriate rules and autockicks – especially with bent or completely overpowered weapons. You see, the topic is complex. Anyway, what we expect in the end, we will learn only in the coming weeks …