Just yesterday we reported that DICE had confirmed on GamesCom Premium for Battlefield 1; Today we can already put the official confirmation including prices and lists of contents in the room. The DLC collection with various other extras costs – as in the case of Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline – 50 euros and supplies like the Police Battlefield four extensions. Each of the extensions should have a specific theme – the first DLC coming in March 2017 with the beautiful title “They Shall Not Pass” (* Insert Gandalf Meme *), for example, will revolve around France as a new faction and sound suspiciously like clear frontlines and Trenches on.

  • Four new DLCs : There will be four new DLCs, each with its own theme. Each DLC will bring four new maps and various other content.
  • Two new factions : In addition to France in the first DLC, Russia will later be the first eighth playable faction in Battlefield 1 with a DLC.
  • Modes, Classes & More : Of course … there will be new vehicles, elite classes , new game modes and more.
  • New Crows : The four DLCs will provide a total of 20 new weapons.
  • Stuff : Premium comes with 14 unique dog tags and 14 individual weapon skate packs. They will be published monthly. There are also two weeks advance access to the DLCs.

If you feel like it, you can also get the Early Enlister Edition including Premium as Ultimate Edition for almost 130 Euro . Savvy foxes will probably find slightly cheaper variants; If you do not fancy premium, you will get free games with new maps as well.