The question of whether Battlefield 1 again premium – aka a Season Pass … – would get, has certainly one or the other players already asked. The only thing that was clear so far was that a new group would be published with France as so-called “premium content” after launch. Now in an interview on the GamesCom for the first time was officially confirmed by DICE that there should be really premium in a similar form as in Battlefield 4. In plain language this means: After the launch, there will be a stack of extensions with new weapons, vehicles, maps, modes and also factions over a longer period of time.

Who remembers Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 knows the game and concept behind it already: Premium owners get the DLCs a bit cheaper than the single purchase, the new content can play a little earlier and enjoy various other small advantages such as “Double XP” – Events, prioritizing server queues and more. In the community, premium is sometimes somewhat controversial – while the amount and quality of the content is no reason to criticize, many players find that the community is split by the paid content. (No, we do not point out to many people, according to which 20 new multiplayer maps, 25 new weapons, X new vehicles and modes “of course always free! 111111 !!! 111!” Were …)

By the way, Battlefield 1 will not bring enough content for the launch: six multiplayer factions are currently confirmed for the launch ; according to the alpha files, there will be ten maps next to the singleplayer. In terms of premium, the question becomes more interesting: what exactly will there be for content, what will fans pay for and what exactly is planned? More info will be revealed according to the interview sometime before the launch. So we keep it short and traditionally say “# Soon ™ …”