So it happened: DICE has released the official GamesCom trailer for Battlefield 1 . Off the video with gameplay scenes from the new Map Sinai Desert – and some scenes from other maps including battleships, torpedoes, cities and more! – There is a very small view of the single player, a very explosive desert and a beta appointment : From 31 August it starts on PC, Xbox one and Playstation 4; until the 21st of August you can register for an earlier start as Battlefield Insider.

Give us a trailer!

First of all, in the trailer you can see the things you’ve come to expect from Battlefield 1: tanks, horses, planes and the promised desert map .

  • Geiler Song : In the trailer uses DICE God’s gonna cut you down by Johnny Cash in a remix of the Ninja Tracks. Cool. (Seriously)
  • Sinai Desert : The map looks at first glance like a desert map just looks like: it is large, there are rocks, sand and building collections and the smaller town of Bir el Mazar. We noticed a few canyons. In addition, there is also dynamic weather – in addition to glorious sunshine rages a sandstorm.
  • Horses : The trailer shows a variety of horses. The short form for all horse information is something like this: They are quasi vehicles, can be climbed from the spawn menu or on the battlefield and have their own mind – so they will not jump for example, and try to overcome obstacles to jump. To do this you can perform saber attacks from the horse’s back and, for example, try to orbit enemy vehicles and turn them off with grenades. In addition, horses keep quite a few hits; the soldier is unprotected.
  • Please heavily armored : The trailer is a heavily armored elite class to see. We also assume that the soldier with flame thrower is another elite class. More information to follow …
  • Behemoth on rails : In the Sinai Valley, the Behemoth is an armored train with artillery pieces and more, which – logically – drives over the rails.
  • New Armored Car : We’ve seen at least one armored car that has not appeared in any video so far.
  • Destroyed city with planes : One – quite destroyed and French-looking … – city can be seen very briefly. There will definitely be vehicles in the city – we’ve seen a plane …
  • Battleship, and torpedo bomber : Directly in the next scene, the Battleship Behemoth can be seen. A player tries to sink him and throws a torpedo. Also cool to see: There are again smaller boats.
  • Singleplayer-Teaser : A small teaser for the singleplayer can also be seen. A soldier drags another soldier through the desert and then lunges at him as he announces the end of Lawrence of Arabia. Surprisingly, the attacked person is a Beduin, who will be played in the singleplayer himself.

It’ll be beta!
The beta will begin on August 31 for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4; If you want to get started before August 31st – another three day lead was already mentioned … – you have to sign up for the Battlefield Insider program before August 21st. In addition, the GamesCom Map Sinai Desert will be playable in two versions: in addition to Conquest for 64 men and Rush will be playable for 24 men. Incidentally, Rush is about blowing up telegraph masts that can be used to request artillery attacks …

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