A few weeks ago, we already reported that there is currently a new user interface for Battlefield 4 in the closed beta on the PC , which will replace Battlelog until the launch of Battlefield 1 at the latest. Now Battlefield Insiders – who are known to have three days before everyone else in the Battlefield 1 beta … – informed by email that the new user interface should also come on the new consoles and that it is already this summer so far.

As planned features only functions are mentioned, which will also find their way on the PC: You can put together a squad before joining the match and keep together the three most recent titles – so who first rummages in Battlefield 4, then switches to Hardline and on At the end of a turn in Battlefield 1, this can be done with the same squad. The fact that this is accompanied by the small fact that you can switch directly in the new main menu between the three titles, as probably hardly surprising. The Reccommendation Engine, which proposes maps, modes and servers according to the game style, skill and Co., is also planned for the PC.

After launching Battlefield 4 in the summer, Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 1 will receive the update later in the year – and no later than the launch of Battlefield 1. Incidentally, only Xbox One and Playstation 4 (and logically the PC …) are affected by the changes; the old consoles remain untouched by their old main menus.


We played the Alpha of Battlefield 1, we were very satisfied and now we have to do what you have to do: Write a full preview. That means, in plain language, that you have collected three hundred small notes (half unreadable #Godverdomme), remembering X situations, and at the same time remembering that you are most likely to forget some totally important thing and someone with the rating of something anyway will brutally trample on the square lugs. Well then: It’s no secret that the Alpha has arrived very well – mostly enthusiastic players, satisfied fans and a developer who has just picked up the NDA because bugs and glitches have held back so easily that you could stream easily. The big question is now only:

The camera plunges down in a dive. Gigantic clouds of smoke are rising behind me; dark clouds are pulling up. Chaos reigns around me: tanks crackle; Soldiers start running, bombers roar past in the sky. I get into an armored car and hope my driver knows what he’s doing. (He just shaves off a few wireheads.) Shortly after, I’m at the first flag, get out and watch in fascination as a bomber slowly nourishes my position. The man at the MG suddenly opened fire on me; Bullets hit the ground and I see dust rising. Then I see the bombs falling down and parts of the windmill exploding next to me and falling down …

New stuff!

The first thing to say about Battlefield 1 is, of course, the following little sentence: There are just so many new things. There’s the fresh setting with the First World War, which has never been seen in the series history and which is rarely used in the gaming world otherwise, which has already changed a lot. Vehicles are a bit slower, there are no hundreds of weapon parts more and also it is more rustic to the point. And then you have to explicitly mention that Battlefield 1 also offers more changes around the gameplay and the features apart from the settings than the last two or three series parts together. Just a list overview would be long: vehicle selection at spawn, repair options, detail destruction with real gameplay effects, more destruction, classes for pilots and tank drivers, dynamic weather, the moverment, the mode of operation, entry-level animations for vehicles and felt a thousand small detail improvements. The hammer.

Known unknown

Nevertheless, Battlefield 1 is at first glance just another Battlefield, based on many things you already know from its predecessors. You run or sprint chic animated in a beautiful French countryside, you shoot enemies, you conquer in conquest and domination – more modes were not playable … – flags and you fight in vehicles. This is just as shocking as the fact that walls are shatteringly damaged in shelling, that there are four classes, or that you can preferably fight in squads and get back in with your fellow combatants, as long as they are not under enemy fire. In other words, anyone who knows Battlefield 4, Battlefield 3, or just about anything in Battlefield Hardline will not fall over immediately, but feels at home. The detail changes and adjustments are but then ensure that Battlefield 1 plays like no other series title so far. Oh yes: And the technology with dynamic weather and above all more destruction than ever before also helps …

The world below is far away and I am alone. There are no enemies to be seen and the only sound you hear comes from the engine. Now quickly switch to the bomb sight, adjust the direction and head for the flag that is just taken. Shortly afterwards, I turn off while a few bombs are on the way. Suddenly, bullets sift through the right wing and the machine smears off to the right. I fight to get them back on track, see the ground racing towards me and catch the machine just like that. Now pull up, get behind the surprised opponents and open the fire …

New vehicle world

Perhaps the biggest changes were in the vehicles. It starts with the fact that all vehicles with real combat power no longer simply spawn, but only in the Spawn menu are selected. More important: You now choose which vehicle in a vehicle class you want – with the aircraft there is the Attack Plane, a three-seater bomber and a two-seat Mittelding; For the tanks, there are the Landship, the Heavy Tank and the Light Tank, each of which has different ways of playing, riderships and areas of application. To date, the balance seems to fit – each vehicle has its own abilities, strengths and also has weaknesses, which ensure that there is not one Überfahrzeug. Also cool: Because you have the choice now, you do not have to go back and forth with a vehicle that does not match the game situation.

Equally important to know: Anyone who spawns such a vehicle will automatically receive the pilot or tanker class, which is only lightly armed. Who has got out – until you defeat an enemy and picking up his equipment … – a problem. In return, you can repair your vehicle while sitting in it and not being hit during the repair cycle of about five seconds; But controlling or firing is not possible. That makes sense, because vehicles no longer heal themselves automatically – who does not lend a hand, will quickly burn up. Added to that is the destruction of details: chains, motors, wings and guns can be switched off by targeted fire. That does not sound so exciting at first glance, but changes everything – one or two targeted hits on the gun and you can not shoot back in the tank; a hit on the chain and you can not get away. Because the automatic repair falls flat, you should retreat in such a case – do nothing, nothing will improve and you are more or less helpless.

This ensures that the battles play more variable, that retreats make sense, and that the position in the battle is important. Sure: On the plane you curse loudly when the wing is damaged and you suddenly have to fight to keep the fierce fluctuating and repeatedly sinking machine stable. On the other hand, everything becomes more variable and many dogfights do not take another five minutes while you circle around. Incidentally, we can not confirm the fears that self-repair is too strong: in the past, people just retired or got out and repaired; Today you retire and repair the vehicle. As already written, however, this can only be done by players with the appropriate special class – whoever finds a stalled vehicle and is not coincidentally a Medic with Raphael Hammer,

And we have not even mentioned that anything else has happened with the vehicles. So there are now entry-level animations for all vehicles and when changing the seat especially in airplanes. That looks cool and impressive; but you can also be shot at the entrance. When disembarking the animations are still missing – whether this is wanted or whether it is owed to the early alpha version is not yet confirmed. Despite all the coolness, the introductory animations sometimes lead to quite funny moments, when suddenly four people jump into a light van and – unfortunately … – glide into each other. DICE probably still has some work to do, although everything else works well. With the balance we currently have little to muckers – tanks are strong, airplanes can also be dangerous with bombs; whoever is on the go alone or not paying attention burns up fast in a smart explosion. That’s the way it should be.

The enemy tank has not seen us yet. Quietly – hopefully … – we’ll crawl through the bushes and pull out the anti-tank grenade. Now just get to the wall of the house, run in quickly and unload explosive greetings from above on the hostile steel coffin. That works great too; below, a wall collapses due to the explosion. Suddenly everything crashes together and we stand face to face with a – probably … – very angry little tank, which just blew half the facade along with the floor and – in the truest sense of the word – brought us to the bottom of the facts …

New infantry world

In the infantry, at first glance, less was done than with the vehicles. There are four classes that use only class-exclusive primary weapons this time; The roles have been redistributed: The Assault is responsible for melee and vehicle combat, the Medic heals and repairs, the support distributes ammunition and lays mines and the Scout fights at a great distance and likes to mock enemies. There are detailed changes that make the gameplay exciting and fresh on foot – changes to the weapon balance provide just as a new feel as a nearly demolished change: one is only then marked, if someone mocks one actively. This harms the overview and increases the importance of mocking, including the 3D markings massive,

So that they do not cheer too much, DICE has the Killcam back in the game – eternal camping does not help. In addition, there are improvements in detail such as the ability to overcome man-sized walls – hi, dear Mirror’s Edge! – and the fact that bi-pods are now automatically and without special animation placed on appropriate documents in front of the player. Because the weapons are also pretty old-fashioned, you have to get used to as a friend of Dual Scopes, Red Dot riflescopes and Co. something: Even snipers use a maximum of riflescopes with four times magnification; In addition, many weapons are semi-automatic or fire at least much slower than one is used to from Battlefield 4, Hardline and Co. The complete weapon customization was also not available in the Alpha; but later there should be opportunities

Currently, each weapon has an optimal distance, which again differentiates the classes from each other – you can find that good, other players may miss real all-rounder weapons. In general, however, DICE still has one or the other adaptation in mind here. In particular, the fact that LMGs get more accurate with prolonged firing does not please every player, although of course one wants to make sure that LMGs are played with longer bursts rather than assault rifles. At least it reminded us of Battlefield 2142. Incidentally, the limited gadgets have generally pleased us; An overkill of underrun grenade launchers should not be expected according to various leaks. (#Yay) And we have not found annoying super equipment so far.

The battles are, of course, far from realism: you run about as fast as in Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4; The firefights, however, often take a bit longer depending on the weapon than in both titles. With the increased ball speed at the same time, keeping at 30 meters is no longer a big issue – the fights are not only slower, but also more direct. This, in combination with the lack of firing on the mini-map, also provides nice and thrilling battles such as the charge attack, where you run away and only stop when you’re stuck, exhausted, or an enemy with a bejonet Skewered skewered like a grilled chicken. And then there are the melee attacks, which have also been improved and are now faster. There are also mini-adjustments such as the instant Revive with 100 HP. As I said: It has done a lot in detail and improved.

Already good balance

In general, the balance in the Alpha made a good figure. Sure: Some things were a bit expandable – but we have so far seen no class and no vehicle that can be described as superior to all others. There are enough examples: Of course, the small light tank is on the way, can turn the tower and is therefore a great danger for infantry and vehicles. But those who get close enough or corner him turn him off in record time. Of course, the bomber can also devastate a whole flag – the Attack Plane can turn it off but in a good approach. And while the assault dominates in close combat, he sees almost 30 meters against land support and Medic. Every class, weapon and vehicle was useful and usable in beta. That does not say anything for the final balance;

Points and kills

And where we are already with good signs: DICE rewards kills now only with 20 points; there is one point for each damage done. Abstauber are less happy; the rest celebrates the changes. And also in Conquest and Domination something has happened: kills have no effect on the tickets and thus the round victory; it’s all about keeping as many flags as possible. This ensures tighter rounds with less major differences; sometimes our beloved team did not get it in the alpha and rather camped instead of trying to get one or the other flag. We are pleased; other players are less enthusiastic. In the end, it is a step in the right direction – who wants to win, should be more in the service of the team and not camping in the Mainbase.

I can haz a Behemoth pl0x ?!

A Conquest innovation we currently find but a little bit questionable: If a team is clearly behind, then it gets a Behemoth – a powerful vehicle, which is unlikely depending on the map. An armored train, a battleship or a Zeppelin are available to choose from and can be controlled to suit your mood. The Zeppelin in the Alpha has left us a bit split, though. Sure: The vehicle is not completely overpowering, although you can easily dominate one or two flags and thus support your own team well. Also, the feeling of cremating a small village with bombs is just fun. On the ground, the frustration is limited – the Behemoth usually does not do a small army in record time. Nevertheless, it is just frustrating vehicle pilots, if they are shot without warning and can not repair the vehicle accordingly. Good pilots and passable air defense shooters are important here so that you can see the airship go up in flames and crash at the end, and sometimes a village is flattened, leaving the skeleton behind. How good that will be, we will probably experience more playing time …

That with the details

You can now jump on the details. The squad access screen always appears after you join a server before you can get in. Weapon magazines are animated separately. Water runs beautifully down the gun when it rains. Explosions are dousing our equipment and our clothing. As a squad leader you can choose your successor. Through doors you can also go through and rams it with his shoulder. Sound and optics change when you put on a gas mask. Soldiers’ clothing turns black when they burn. Vehicles visibly damage when bombarded. Depending on the background, curb chains spin the right dirt. We see who revived, healed, repaired or ammunitioned us.

Stable and chic technology

A look at the screenshots, pictures and anything else shows it already: Battlefield 1 has already made a great figure in the Alpha. For slightly higher requirements than Battlefield 4, there is more destruction, more details and just a better technique. If you take a moment to look away from the great effects of destruction, dynamic weather effects and changes, and so on, you can also notice other improvements: the sound, for example, has improved a lot and opponents are easier to locate without losing the cinematic aspect. Also, the hit feedback is clean and works as well as the netcode, which should be further improved. Of course it’s an alpha – a couple of glitches, a few graphics flaws in windows and tanks that are catapulted meters high into the air, are in the state of getting over. In general, the alpha could have been released as a full version – the state of Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4 has the Alpha quite relaxed and confidently topped. (That does not mean so much, but why not mention how clean everything is?)

Perhaps the funniest battlefield since Bad Company 2

Let’s keep it short and sweet: Battlefiedl 1 is fun. It’s even a lot of fun – the new changes can be convincing through the bank and the technical condition is beyond reproach. Whether it’s adjusting the vehicles around the range, the vehicle soldier classes, the repairs, the partial destruction of vehicles, the drilled destruction, the class balance, the new animations – DICE has changed a lot, operated fan service and the result is top. In general, one can hardly overestimate how much the setting is: It is unfamiliar, it is unknown, it is fresh – after X titles in Modern Warfare, we are not only pleased about new weapons and vehicles, but especially about the small deceleration in the Firefights and the fact that someone took the risk of doing something new. Playful and technical, you do not have to worry about this Alpha. Especially those who played the last titles, can be happy – Battlefield 1 uses the innovations and improvements that have emerged in the Community Test Environment. Pure fun is Battlefield 1 just awesome. You can hardly say anything better after an alpha. We’ve certainly mourned the end of the Alpha comprehensively and at the same time we’re totally looking forward to the beta and all the things we have not seen yet – battleships, horses, motorbikes and more will soon be revealed. Pure fun is Battlefield 1 just awesome. You can hardly say anything better after an alpha. We’ve certainly mourned the end of the Alpha comprehensively and at the same time we’re totally looking forward to the beta and all the things we have not seen yet – battleships, horses, motorbikes and more will soon be revealed. Pure fun is Battlefield 1 just awesome. You can hardly say anything better after an alpha. We’ve certainly mourned the end of the Alpha comprehensively and at the same time we’re totally looking forward to the beta and all the things we have not seen yet – battleships, horses, motorbikes and more will soon be revealed.

By the way: Fuck Realism!

Dear Reader. Maybe you want to tell me now that all this is nonsense and Battlefield 1 extreme shit. The tanks too fast, regenerating health are stupid and even there is still a tank too much (because the time was totally rare). All shit! 1111! You can see it that way; then Battlefield has not been your game since the beginning of time. Battlefield is the game where you get several bullets in the chest and yet continue to run. Battlefield is the game in which a grenade does not devastate everything around ten meters. Battlefield has always been a game that has borrowed weapons, vehicles, settings and more from the real world and has then knitted a great game that is fun. That’s exactly what Battlefield 1 does. And that’s exactly what makes Battlefield 1 damn good. That – and only that! – is important.


In Battlefield 4, the world is actually alright after a load of patches and improvements . Where the word “actually” bounces around but lurking then usually one or the other quirk. In the case of the latest military battlefield PunkBuster has now caused problems: Various players were banned unfounded . According to their own statement, DICE, EA and PunkBuster manufacturer Evenbalance are working on a solution and thus lifting the bans.

So if you’re getting kicked out of all servers and there’s something of a PunkBuster ban in the reasoning – and no, a mad admin kicking you or banning you is just as bad as a legit ban on hacks and cheats definitely not … – then First of all, you should react as calmly as possible (which probably should be damn hard to impossible, but we still recommend it …) and then simply contact EA Support and Evenbalance. We will keep you up to date if more should be done in the direction …


DICE just released the Death Star DLC for Star Wars Battlefront with space battles, Chewie and co. And there are already dates for everyone. To put it more precisely, apart from the launch date for the third DLC , the developers have revealed when there will be new Hutt Contracts – and thus free equipment – and more …

  • July 19 – New Hutt Contract : Tomorrow there will be a new Hutt Contract. What exactly you can unlock with the assignment is still a secret.
  • July 21 – Offline mode : The new offline mode goes live on Thursday . Now you can play Walker Asault and Fighter Squadron alone or in pairs against bots.
  • August 30 – New Hutt Contract : There will be another Hutt Contract with a new piece of equipment.
  • September 19th – 23rd – Death Star DLC : This week, the Death Star DLC will be released for all Season Pass holders. Everyone else gets the DLC two weeks later.


The Alpha of Battlefield 1 keeps going, but we still risk a glimpse of what’s going on in Battlefield 4. As you know, there is a first public test of the new user interface with selected players, which will also be released for Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 1 and will replace Battlelog. And we have the summary of everything there is to see, admire and admire …

  • Welcome : From now on you will be greeted – at the start – to match the day or time.
  • Highlights : Featured highlights include recommended servers (including favorites and recently visited servers) and the latest news.
  • Server Browser : Of course, there is still a server browser. The offers various filters such as maps, game modes, free seats, Tickrate, Preset and Co. – the comparison to Battlelog one must not be afraid; the options are virtually identical.
  • Quickmatch : There is – as before – a matchmaking opportunity. As usual, you can use different playlists and criteria to be automatically packed into the most suitable games.
  • Friends : The friends list looks pretty much the same as in Battlelog and can still be found on the right. As usual, friends can be invited; You can now create a group with which one – also across games … – plays together.
  • Chat : You can chat with friends. For this purpose, apparently Origin is used.
  • Options : There are – of course … – options that can be activated outside of a server.
  • Switching : You can simply switch the games to the left in the overview.


We celebrate a historic victory (yes, that’s enough with football introductions …) and have more news on Battlefield 1 . This time, finally, there are the details of the unlocks. Here is DICE a pretty similar way as in Battlefield Hardline: Instead of – as in Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4 … – unlocks weapons and equipment about playing with weapons from the same class or class, you can new equipment in the new series part to pleasure and Buy mood.

More specifically, per rank upgrade – which is the difference to Hardline , where you got dollars for every action … – you get Warbonds. With those you can then easily buy gadgets, weapons and Co. A rank upgrade currently brings 60 Warbonds, a weapon seems to cost 40 Warbonds; Gadgets and Co. cost 30 Warbonds. Whether this changes after the alpha is of course unknown; but we could imagine it very well. Details of what’s left on Unlocks are currently missing, as well as information about what to do with weapons to adjustments – the corresponding screen currently offers only a text that simply means “# Soon ™” means.

And so we can make a note: According to the latest information, you can immediately unlock the equipment that you really want to use. How long you have to unlock and how much to do, is currently still in the stars. We keep our fingers crossed that there are a few things that are really hard to unlock and what you have to do a lot for. Otherwise, various hardcore fans will proclaim after two weeks the big boredom …


The Alpha of Battlefield 1 continues to run, the NDA probably gives EA the right to cremate the place of residence of the player who betrays anything, and yet leaks, gameplay shots and Co. sprout up like mushrooms in the rain. Now a benchmark video has surfaced that brings good news for those who do not necessarily want to bank robbery or hire NASA to play Battlefield 1 in ultra-high detail: despite more dynamics, better looks, more destruction and more. you will not have to make any visual compromises if you are using reasonably current hardware.

It was played with an i5 4690 processor, a GTX 980 Ti MSI Gaming 6G @ stock (1380 Mhz) and 2 x 4GB DDR3 RAM under Windows 10 with DirectX 12. (Incidentally – not surprisingly … – of course.) 64 man on the server, rain and a resolution of 2880 x 1620 have resulted in the result for most 80 frames per second; In hard battles with lots of action, the frame rate dropped to about 60 frames per second. If you want to play with a more normal resolution, you should not have any problems even with weaker hardware. The reports that the requirements will be similar to those of Star Wars Battlefront are correct, given the alpha data.

By the way: In general, we try to keep alpha-leaks out and not to worry about reporting that Leaker feels affirmed. At the same time, of course, we do not want to hide from fans and fans interested in Battlefield 1 exciting news that will pop up either way sooner or later.