As reported last week, Battlefield 1 gets a Closed Alpha . The waiting and anxiety has come to an end: the Alpha has just been launched . So it’s – time … again – to visit all e-mail accounts that are ever connected to EA, hoping that an e-mail from EA, including an alpha code , has arrived. Then there is a download in Origin – from a console alpha is currently naturally and traditionally heard nothing. Whether there will be more waves with keys is completely unknown until now. Those who are not present can keep their fingers crossed; but we would not be too hopeful.

Official information on the content of the Alpha is currently missing – by nature – yet. It’s likely to be the same content that’s already featured in gameplay videos from the EA Play event. This means that there will be Conquest – and probably also some domination – to play on St. Quentin Scar. There are various weapons, a few gadgets and seven Fahrzeujge (three aircraft, three tanks and a van) available.

Important for all participants to know: Of course, the developers ask for feedback; Bugs and errors can occur. The purpose of Alpha is to gather feedback and find technical as well as gameplay issues. As usual, Alpha has an NDA – recording game scenes or taking screenshots is not allowed to our knowledge. And with this we wish all participants a lot of fun …