It has been known for some time that pre-orderers of Battlefield 1’s “Early Enlisters” edition not only start three days earlier, but are also allowed to use various bonuses. Now an official picture has emerged that the bonuses finally shows. (Besides, we can now better judge what exactly the bonuses mean and how it all works.) Apart from the three days earlier access (which you certainly have with EA or Origin Access), there are two small DLCs and a skin package for the behemoths.

  • Red Baron Pack : The Red Baron Pack has an in-game badge, the Red Baron’s three-decker – which will probably replace the normal Fighter Plane … – and the Red Baron’s pistol. In other words, there is a new weapon and a different looking aircraft.
  • Lawrence of Arabia Pack : There is a black stallion (horses can also be used in multiplayer), a rifle by Lawrence of Arabia, a new melee weapon and an ingame badge.
  • Behemoths : For the three powerful behemoths there is a new skin each. Airship, battleship and train look different – and probably a bit cooler … – out.


Dynamic weather, completely destructible environment, in addition a generally very impressive optics – who takes a look at gameplay scenes from Battlefield 1 . could come up with the idea that in the fall a title is in the house, which will bring even current hardware to its limit and beyond. But if you believe the guys from the well-known “Digital Foundry” Youtube channel, then halfway up-to-date hardware will be enough. At DICE you could play the current version and deal with the technology.

Of course, the PCs available for the game session were again equipped with the latest i7 processors and a Nivia GTX 1080. However, Battlefield 1 could hardly really push the limits of the hardware: even with ultra-details and 5K resolution, everything – destruction, vehicles and 64 players … – was running at just 25-30 frames per second, which was still just playable. Once the resolution was limited to 4K, there was twice the image refresh rate of 50 to 60 frames per second.

This beats Battlefield 1 – which is likely to have one or the other optimization and also get adapted drivers … – similar to Star Wars Battlefront. So, as long as you go by these values ​​and experiences, you do not have to worry much about playing Battlefield 4 and Star Wars Battlefront well. DICE seems to have a good grip on the FrostBite engine and strive for comparable system requirements, like other games with the same engine – no wonder, of course, considering the consoles as a limiting factor. Other clues will be the beta and official system requirements.