You want to master the breezes in Battlefield 1 like the Red Baron? Then this news should be more than just something exciting for you – there is not only aircraft gameplay of a proven expert, but above all, information on all the relevant details. Or in other words, it’s all about rebounding bombs, repairs in the air, damage, zoom, bullet drop, lame bombers and more.

  • Three planes to choose from : There are three aircraft classes altogether. Once an aircraft is available, you can select it in the Spawnscreen, which one of the three flyer variants you want. There are the Attack Plane, the Bomber and the Fighter Plane.
  • Attack Plane : The Attack Plane is a biplane that can accommodate two people. The pilot can discard up to eight bombs and has an on-board gun that can do splash damage and attack air and ground targets. Since it is a high caliber gun, the gun is subject to a massive bullet drop and the bullets are generally quite slow – so it’s not so easy to hit longer distances, which makes the available zoom a little less useful for long distance combat.
  • Bomber : The heavy bomber offers next to the pilot’s seat – where you only have bombs available … – still room for two gunners. Bombers are very slow in Battlefield 1; but with the gunners and many bombs they can defend themselves well and at the same time cause great damage.
  • Fighter Plane : The Fighter Plane is a lightweight and very agile single-seater. The pilot only has on-board guns that have a high ball speed – you have to hold only very little. Also exciting: you can zoom and take such a target already from a great distance in Vidiser. As compensation, the aircraft is damaged very quickly and the bullets do not splash damage.
  • Bouncing Bombs : Bombs often do not explode directly on impact, but jump up like grenades … and explode. So it’s often not that easy to target an enemy.
  • Strong Gunner : Each gunner position has a 360 ° swiveling MG. With this, a good player can bring an enemy aircraft from the sky in record time.
  • Flying with Skill : The flight mechanics are reminiscent of Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. With the very simple mechanics of Star Wars Battlefront , flying (luckily!) Has absolutely nothing to do. Incidentally, it is currently not known whether there is an optimal speed (we just say 313 …), where the aircraft have the smallest turning circle.
  • (No) reloading : The normal guns do not need to be reloaded – DICE traditionally uses overheating mechanics here. However, bombs have to be reloaded and regenerate after being dropped.
  • Destruction : If an aircraft is damaged by fire, the flight characteristics change. (And of course not for the better …)
  • Repair : You can fix the plane in flight. To do this, the pilot simply has to hold down the corresponding key; Firing or changing the flight direction is not possible in the time. Every 5 seconds the fighter plane regenerates 25 life. By the way, gunners can continue to fire in time.
  • No Runway : Aircraft sprout in the air – as in Battlefield 4.
  • Details : In the cockpit you can read the height and speed of the displays. As in Battlefield Hardline , these ads actually work.